Status Lights - Kenmore 110.4756 Series Use & Care Manual

He2t front-loading automatic washer
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Fabric softener
(Letter D in Dispenser Illustration)
Add 1/4cup (60 mL) liquid fabric softener to this compartment.
Fabric softener will be automatically dispensed
in the final rinse
or in the 2ND RINSE, if selected.
Do not fill beyond the "MAX" level.
To pause the washer at any time, select STOR
To continue the cycle, select and hold START (for
1 second).
Not all Options and Modifiers are available with all Cycles.
Cycles, Options and Modifiers can be changed anytime before
START is selected.
To stop a cycle and select
a new cycle
1. Select STOP once.
2. Select desired cycle.
3. Select the desired MODIFIERS and OPTIONS.
4. Select and hold START (for approximately
I second) to restart
the washer at the beginning of the new cycle.
To cancel
a cycle
1. Select STOP twice.
2. The washer powers down, the door unlocks, and clothes can
be removed.
NOTE: If the water level or the temperature
is too high, the
washer will drain automatically
before the door unlocks.
To change
or Modifiers
after the cycle has
1. Select STOR
2. Select the desired MODIFIER or OPTION. If the modifier or
option are not available, the machine will beep.
3. Select and hold START (for approximately
1 second) to
continue the cycle.
To drain the washer
1. Select STOP.
3. Press the 2ND RINSE button to deselect the 2nd Rinse
4. Select and hold START (for approximately
1 second) to begin
the drain.
5. When the spin is complete, the door unlocks. Items can be
removed from the washer.
These lights show which portion of the cycle the washer is
operating. They also indicate when you can add an additional
item to the wash cycle and when the controls are locked.
Add a Garment
Soak [ Prewash
Wash _it
Rinse _
Clothes Clean
Controls Locked
Door Locked _},
Adding items
You can add items to the washer after the wash cycle has started, if
the ADD A GARMENT status light is illuminating. All cycles have
this feature except Rinse/Spin, Drain/Spin and Clean Washer.
To add items
1. Select STOR The washer door unlocks, and items can be
2. To continue the cycle, close the door and select and hold
START (for approximately
1 second).
3. To unlock the door after the Add a Garment period, press
STOP twice. This will cancel the Wash Cycle.
The Clothes Clean light comes on when the cycle is complete.
Light will stay on until door is opened.
Locking controls
The Control Lock prevents unintended use of the washer. You
can also use the control lock feature to prevent unintended
or option changes during a cycle. When CONTROLS LOCKED is
lit, all buttons are disabled except for STOP and POWER. You
can lock the controls while the washer is operating.
To lock the controls
Select and hold CYCLE SIGNAL for 3 seconds.
The CONTROLS LOCKED status light illuminates.
To unlock the controls
Select and hold CYCLE SIGNAL for 3 seconds until the
CONTROLS LOCKED Status light turns off.
Estimated Time Remaining
The cycle times vary automatically based on your water pressure,
water temperature,
detergent, and clothes load. The cycle time
will be extended if oversudsing occurs or the load is unbalanced.
The SUDs routine removes extra suds and assures proper rinsing
of your garments. The options you select will also affect the cycle
times that are shown in the Preset Cycle Settings table. The
Estimated Time Remaining can change up to 30 minutes under
extreme conditions.
During the unbalace routine the time
displayed may pause until this activity is complete, then resume
with the remainder of the cycle.
Door Locked
When the status light illuminates, the door is locked.

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Table of Contents

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