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Pausing Or Restarting; Changing Cycles, Options And Modifiers; Status Lights - Kenmore 110.4996 Use And Care Manual

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Table of Contents
Liquid detergent:
Selector in position for liquid detergent
A. Detergent type selector
Powdered detergent:
Selector in position for powdered detergent
A. Detergent type selector
Chlorine bleach compartment
(Letter D in Dispenser Illustration)
Add no more than ²⁄₃ cup (160 mL) liquid chlorine bleach to this
compartment. The bleach will be automatically diluted and
dispensed at the best time during the first rinse after the wash
cycle. This compartment cannot dilute powdered bleach.
Always measure liquid chlorine bleach. Use a measuring cup
with a pour spout; do not guess. Follow the manufacturer's
directions for proper use.
Do not fill beyond the "MAX" level.
NOTE: Overfilling could cause garment damage.
Fabric softener compartment
(Letter E in Dispenser Illustration)
Pour measured liquid fabric softener into the fabric softener
dispenser, if desired.
Do not overfill. The dispenser holds ¼ cup (60 mL) of fabric
The fabric softener is dispensed in the rinse cycle. If 2nd
Rinse is selected, the fabric softener will be dispensed during
the 2nd Rinse.
Do not use fabric softener dispensing balls in this washer.
Dispensing balls will not operate correctly with this washer.
Do not spill or drip any fabric softener onto the clothes.
At the end of the cycle, a small amount of water may be left in
the dispenser. This is normal.
NOTE: Use only liquid fabric softener in this dispenser.

Pausing or Restarting

1. To pause the washer at any time, select STOP.
2. To continue the cycle, select and hold START (for
approximately 1 second).

Changing Cycles, Options and Modifiers

Not all Options and Modifiers are available with all Cycles.
Available modifier selections will glow amber. Selectable options
will glow amber. If an option or modifier is unavailable with the
selected cycle, the light will not illuminate. Once an option or
modifier is selected it will glow green. Preset or chosen options or
modifiers will glow green.
Cycles, Options and Modifiers can be changed anytime before
START is selected.
Options and Modifiers can be changed anytime after START is
selected and before the start of the selected Option or Modifier.
To cancel a cycle and select a new cycle
1. Select STOP twice.
2. Select desired cycle.
3. Select the desired OPTIONS and MODIFIERS.
4. Select and hold START (for approximately 1 second) to restart
the washer at the beginning of the new cycle.
To cancel a cycle
1. Select STOP twice.
2. The washer powers down, the door unlocks, and clothes can
be removed.
NOTE: If the water level or the temperature is too high, the
washer will drain automatically before the door unlocks.
To change Options or Modifiers after the cycle has
1. Select STOP once.
2. Select the desired OPTIONS or MODIFIERS.
3. Select and hold START (for approximately 1 second) to
continue the cycle.
To drain the washer manually
1. Select STOP twice to cancel the wash cycle.
3. Press the 2ND RINSE button to remove any rinse options.
4. Select and hold START (for approximately 1 second) to begin
the drain.
5. When the spin is complete, the door unlocks. Items can be
removed from the washer.

Status Lights

These lights show which portion of the cycle the washer is
operating. They also indicate when you can add an additional
item to the wash cycle and when the controls are locked.
Revised portion of status light
to be the same as the HE5t.

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Table of Contents

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