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Kenmore 110.4756 Series Use & Care Manual page 18

He2t front-loading automatic washer
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Use this option for heavily soiled loads that need improved stain
treatment. When Stain Treat is selected, the water temperature of
the selected wash cycle is automatically set to warm. The water
will then be heated to a hot water temperature to aid in stain
removal. This option will provide optimal removal of organic
stains such as blood.
If Stain Treat is selected with the Sanitary cycle, the water will
be heated to a very hot temperature.
The Stain Treat and Enegy Saver options cannot be selected
in the same cycle.
2nd Rinse
A second rinse can be used to aid in the removal of detergent or
bleach residue from garments. This option provides an additional
rinse with the same water temperature as the Normal rinse.
Cycle Signal
This signal is helpful when you are removing items from the
washer as soon as it stops. Select ON or OFR
Preset cycle settings of Wash/Rinse Temperature and Spin
Speed can be changed. You can change a modifier after starting
a cycle anytime before the selected Modifier begins. Not all
modifiers are available with all options and cycles.
I High
Auto T_mp
_Extra Hot/ Cold
I Hot / Cold
! Warm / Warm
bWarm / Cold
I Cold / Cold
WashO/Rins e
To change the spin speed, select the SPIN SPEED button
until the desired setting illuminates.
To change the water temperature,
select the WASH/RINSE
TEMP button until the desired setting illuminates.
Wash/Rinse Temp
Select a water temperature
based on the type of load you are
washing. Use the warmest wash water safe for fabrics. Follow
garment label instructions.
Warm rinses leave the loads dryer than cold rinses. Warm rinses
increase wrinkling. In cold climates, a warm rinse makes the load
more comfortable to handle. Cold rinses save energy.
Wash Water Temperature
Suggested Fabrics
Sturdy colorfast fabrics
Heavy soils
Whites and pastels
Heavy soils
Bright colors
Moderate to light soils
Colors that bleed or fade
Light soils
In wash water temperatures
colder than 60°F (15.6°C),
detergents do not dissolve well. Soils may be difficult to remove.
Auto Temp Control
ATC (Auto Temp Control) electronically
senses and maintains a
uniform water temperature.
ATC regulates incoming hot and cold
water. The ATC is automatically turned ON when a cycle is
selected. See Preset Cycle Settings table in "Cycles."
ATC works for the wash temperature
with Extra Hot/Cold,
Hot/Cold, Warm/Warm, Warm/Cold,
and Cold/Cold
ATC works for the rinse temperature with the Warm/Warm
The Cold rinse temperatures depend on the cold water at
your faucet.

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Table of Contents

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