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Kenmore 110.4756 Series Use & Care Manual page 17

He2t front-loading automatic washer
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Use this cycle to clean washable woolen and special care
garments. (Check label instructions
to make sure that the
garment is washable.) Similar to the way garments are hand
washed in a sink, the wash action of this cycle combines periods
of extra low tumbling speeds and soaking. Low spin speeds
minimize wrinkling.
Use mesh garment bags to wash undergarments
such as
underwire bras, items with strings, and small items such as
Use this cycle to clean washable silk and ultra delicate garments.
(Check label instructions
to make sure that garment is washable.)
This cycle gently tumbles and drains without spinning to gently
clean garments and minimize wrinkling. Garments will contain a
higher amount of water at the end of this cycle, because there is
no spinning action.
Use mesh garment bags as needed.
Use the soak cycle to remove small spots of set-in stains on
fabrics. This cycle provides a soak time with warm or cold water
followed by drain. Extra water, a short tumbling phase for equal
distribution of the laundry, and soaking time without drum
movement, to help improve the removal of set-in stains. Drain
without spin assures gentle treatment, even for delicate items.
To use the soak cycle:
Add detergent only to Main detergent compartment
of the
dispenser drawer.
Select SOAK.
Choose the desired soak temperature.
Select and Hold START (approximately
1 second).
When your soak cycle is complete, you will need to start a
wash cycle to complete the cleaning of your garments.
Rinse/Drain & Spin
Use this cycle to rinse, drain, and spin your wash load. This cycle
combines fast-speed
tumbling and high-speed
spin. If desired,
you can reduce the spin speed by selecting the speed you want
from the SPIN SPEED modifier.
& Spin is useful for
Loadsthat need rinsing only.
Adding fabric softener to a load using the fabric softener
Drain & Spin
Use this cycle to drain your washer or to drain and spin your
wash load. The spin speed is preset to high. If desired, you can
reduce the spin speed by selecting the speed you want from the
SPIN SPEED modifier.
NOTE: Loads of synthetics, delicate fabrics, handwashables,
woolens should be drained with no spin or low spin to avoid
fabric stress.
To use Drain & Spin setting
Select RINSE/DRAIN & SPIN cycle.
Press the 2ND RINSE button to deselect the rinse option.
Press STAR]_
Clean Washer
Use the Clean Washer cycle once a month to keep the inside of
your washer fresh and clean. This cycle uses a higher water level
in combination
with liquid chlorine bleach to thoroughly clean the
inside of your washing machine. See "Cleaning Your Washer."
IMPORTANT: Do not place garments or other items in the washer
during the Clean Washer cycle. Use this cycle with an empty
wash drum.
As with any new product, you will hear sounds that you are not
to. You may hear various sounds when the door is
locked or unlocked, and during the washing, rinsing, or spinning
process. Between changes in wash actions, there will be
momentary pauses. You will hear water spraying and splashing
during the wash and rinse cycles. These new sounds and pauses
are part of normal washer operation. See "Troubleshooting."
You can customize your wash by adding options to your cycle
selections. You can add or change an option after starting a cycle
anytime before the selected option begins. Not all options are
available with all cycles.
_ Prewash
_ Save Energy Plus
_'_ tain Treat
2nd Rinse
See the "Laundry Guide" section for an overview of possible
options for each Wash Cycle selection.
If an option is available with a selected cycle, the light for that
option will illuminate when selected.
If an option is unavailable with a selected cycle, there will be a
short tone and the light for that option will not illuminate when
Use this option for loads of heavily soiled items that need
This option adds approximately
15 minutes to the
wash cycle.
Add detergent to Main Wash compartment
of the dispenser
Save Energy Plus
The Save Enegy Plus option allows you to increase your energy
savings on the higher temperature cycles (Whitest Whites and
Heavy Duty) while maintaining cleaning performance
lengthening the wash time by only 16 minutes.
NOTE: For the best energy performance,
use the Normal/Casual

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Table of Contents

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