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Connect The Inlet Hoses - Kenmore 110.4756 Series Use & Care Manual

He2t front-loading automatic washer
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Table of Contents
Laundry tub drain or standpipe drain
the inlet hoses to the washer
Connect the drain hose form to the corrugated drain hose.
H. Hot water inlet
C. Cold water inlet
1. Attach the hot water hose to the washer's hot (H) water inlet
valve. Screw on coupling by hand until it is seated on the
2. Attach the cold water hose to the washer's cold (C) water
faucet. Screw on coupling by hand until it is seated on the
3. Using pliers, tighten the couplings with an additional
two-thirds turn.
NOTE: Do not overtighten.
Damage to the coupling can
Turn on the water faucets completely and check for leaks.
NOTE: Replace inlet hoses after 5 years of use to reduce the
risk of hose failure. Record hose installation or replacement
dates on the hoses for future reference.
Periodically inspect and replace hoses if bulges, kinks, cuts,
wear, or leaks are found.
Ro :,£etse
Proper routing of the drain hose protects your floor from damage
due to water leakage. Read and follow these instructions.
Remove drain hose from the washer
Gently pull the corrugated
drain hose from the shipping clips.
A. Snap either end of the drain hose form to the drain hose at
the point where the corrugation begins.
B. Bend drain hose over drain hose form and snap into place.
To keep drain water from going back into the washer:
Do not straighten the drain hose, and do not force excess
drain hose into standpipe. Hose should be secure, but loose
enough to provide a gap for air.
Do not lay excess hose on the bottom of the laundry tub.
Floor drain
You may need additional parts. See Floor drain under "Tools and
1. Drape the power cord over the washer top.
2. Move the washer to its final location.
3. Place the drain hose in the laundry tub or standpipe as
shown. See illustrations A and B.
4. If the washer faucets and the drain standpipe are recessed,
put the hooked end of the drain hose in the standpipe as
shown. See illustration C.
Do not force excess drain hose back into the rear of the
To avoid siphoning, do not seal the drain hose into the

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Table of Contents

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