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Kenmore 110.4756 Series Use & Care Manual page 27

He2t front-loading automatic washer
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Load too wet
Did you use the right cycle for the load being washed?
Select a cycle with a higher spin speed.
Did you wash a single item or bulky items or have you
overloaded the washer?
A single item, bulky items, or overloading may cause
imbalance. Add items or try to evenly distribute your wet
laundry in the drum. Select RINSE/DRAIN & SPIN, and then
select 2ND RINSE (to turn off the rinse option), to drain the
washer. If the laundry is still wet, take half of the load out of
the washer and try again.
Did you use HE detergent?
Suds during rinse and spin cycles can reduce spin speed.
Use HE detergent.
Residue, lint, stains on load; gray whites, dingy colors
Did you add detergent to the dispenser?
For best results, add detergent to the detergent
Do not add detergent to the washer drum.
Did you sort properly?
Sort lint givers (towels, chenille) from lint takers (corduroy,
Dye transfer can occur when mixing whites and
colors in a load. Sort dark clothes from whites and lights.
Are you using a low speed wash cycle?
Powdered detergents may not dissolve well in a slow-speed
cycle. For best results, use liquid detergent for slow-speed
cycles such as Delicates.
Did you unload the washer promptly?
To avoid dye transfer, unload the washer as soon as it stops.
Did you use a fabric softener
dispensing ball?
Dispensing balls will not operate correctly with this washer.
Add liquid fabric softener to the fabric softener compartment.
Did you use powdered detergent in a low-speed
Consider using liquid detergent.
Did you use Express Wash on a large load?
For best results, use Express Wash for small, lightly soiled
Load is wrinkled, twisted, tangled
Did you overload the washer?
Do not overload the washer. The washer can be fully loaded,
but not tightly packed. The wash load must be balanced. Lint
can be trapped in the load if overloaded.
Was paper or tissue left in pockets?
Did you use enough HE detergent?
Follow manufacturer's
for the type of load
you are washing. For best performance,
use only High
Efficiency detergent. Use enough detergent to remove soil and
hold it in suspension.
Do you have hard water?
Use more detergent for washing heavy soils in cold or hard
Is your water colder than 60°F (15.6°0)?
Wash water colder than 60°F (15.6°C) may not completely
dissolve the detergent. Use hot or warm washes if safe for the
fabric load. Make sure your hot water system is adequate to
provide a hot water wash.
Did you unload the washer promptly?
Unload the washer as soon as it stops.
Did you use the right cycle for the load being washed?
Use the Delicates cycle or another cycle with a low spin
speed to reduce wrinkling.
Did you overload the washer?
The wash load must be balanced and not overloaded. Loads
should tumble freely during washing.
Was the wash water warm enough to relax wrinkles?
If safe for load, use warm or hot wash water.
Are the hot and cold water hoses reversed?
Check that the hot and cold water hoses are connected to
the right faucets. A hot rinse followed by spin will cause
wrinkling. See "Connect the Inlet Hoses."

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Table of Contents

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