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Kenmore 110.4756 Series Use & Care Manual page 26

He2t front-loading automatic washer
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Washer continues tofillor drain, c ycleseems stuck
Wash/Rinse t emperature
Is the top of drain hose lower than 30" (76 cm) on
The top of the drain hose must be at least 30" (76 cm) above
the floor. See "Drain System."
Does the drain hose fit too tightly in the standpipe, or is it
taped to the standpipe?
The drain hose should be loose yet fit securely. Do not seal
the drain hose with tape. The hose needs an air gap. See
"Secure Drain Hose."
Washer won't drain or spin, water remains in washer
Is the drain hose clogged, or the end of the drain hose
more than 96" (2.4 m) above the floor?
Is your voltage low?
Check electrical source or call electrician.
Excessive suds?
When excessive suds are detected, a special suds routine
starts. Cycle will complete once extra suds are
removed. This will occur more frequently when a non-HE
detergent is used.
Is the load balanced?
A single or bulky item may cause imbalance. Add more items
or redistribute the load.
Not enough water/Not enough suds
Low water?
This washer uses very little water to provide good cleaning
results. You will see little or no water splashing in this washer.
This is normal.
Are you using HE detergent?
HE detergent is a low sudsing detergent. This is normal and
will not affect cleaning performance.
Are the hot and cold water inlet hoses reversed?
See "Connect the Inlet Hoses."
Are you washing many loads?
As your frequency of loads washed increases, the water
temperature may decrease for hot and warm temperatures.
This is normal.
Cycle time changes/Cycle too long
Estimated cycle time?
The cycle times vary automatically based on your water
pressure, water temperature,
detergent, and clothes load.
The cycle time will be extended if oversudsing
occurs or the
load is unbalanced. The SUDs routine removes extra suds
and assures proper rinsing of your garments. The options you
select will also affect the cycle times that are shown in the
Preset Cycle Settings table.
Excessive suds?
When excessive suds are detected, a special suds routine
starts. This routine will add time to the original
Did the load cause imbalance?
When too much imbalance occurs, an imbalance routine will
start to redistribute the load. During the imbalance routine the
time displayed may pause until this activity is complete, then
resume with the remainder of the cycle.
Are you washing a single item or bulky load?
Spin time is added if an unbalanced
load is detected. The
washer will attempt to redistribute the load with additional
Did you wash a large load on the Express Wash cycle?
The Express Wash cycle is designed for smaller load sizes
(2-3 items) of lightly soiled garments.
If larger loads are
washed in this cycle, wash time will be increased.
Did you wash a large load in a gentle or delicate cycle?
When using the Express Wash, or SilWDelicate wash cycles
you should use small loads. This ensures a gentle wash for
your garments without increasing cycle times.

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Table of Contents

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