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Rs232 Receiver Time-out; Rs232 Handshaking - Honeywell 1900GHD-2 User Manual

Area-imaging scanner.
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RS232 Receiver Time-Out

The unit stays awake to receive data until the RS232 Receiver Time-Out
expires. A manual or serial trigger resets the time-out. When an RS232
receiver is sleeping, a character may be sent to wake up the receiver and reset
the time-out. A transaction on the CTS line will also wake up the receiver. The
receiver takes 300 milliseconds to completely come up. Change the RS232
receiver time-out by scanning the bar code below, then scanning digits from the
inside back cover of this manual, then scanning Save. The range is 0 to 300
seconds. Default = 0 seconds (no time-out - always on).
RS232 Receiver Time-Out

RS232 Handshaking

RS232 Handshaking allows control of data transmission from the scanner using
software commands from the host device.
When RTS/CTS is turned Off, no
data flow control is used.
Flow Control, No Timeout: The scanner asserts RTS when it has data to
send, and will wait indefinitely for CTS to be asserted by the host.
Two-Direction Flow Control: The scanner asserts RTS when it is OK for the
host to transmit. The host asserts CTS when it is OK for the device to transmit.
Flow Control with Timeout: The scanner asserts RTS when it has data to
send and waits for a delay (see
RS232 Timeout
on page 2-23) for CTS to be
asserted by the host. If the delay time expires and CTS is not asserted, the
device transmit buffer is cleared and scanning may resume.
Default = RTS/CTS Off.
Flow Control, No Timeout
Two-Direction Flow Control
Flow Control with Timeout
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