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Preferred Symbology - Honeywell 1900GHD-2 User Manual

Area-imaging scanner.
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Scan Centering On, then scan one of the following bar codes to change the
top, bottom, left, or right of the centering window. Then scan the percent you
want to shift the centering window using digits on the inside back cover of this
manual. Scan Save. Default Centering = 40% for Top and Left, 60% for Bot-
tom and Right.
Centering On
Top of Centering Window
Left of Centering Window

Preferred Symbology

The scanner can be programmed to specify one symbology as a higher priority
over other symbologies in situations where both bar code symbologies appear
on the same label, but the lower priority symbology cannot be disabled.
For example, you may be using the scanner in a retail setting to read U.P.C.
symbols, but have occasional need to read a code on a drivers license. Since
some licenses have a Code 39 symbol as well as the PDF417 symbol, you can
use Preferred Symbology to specify that the PDF417 symbol be read instead of
the Code 39.
Preferred Symbology classifies each symbology as high priority, low priority,
or as an unspecified type. When a low priority symbology is presented, the
scanner ignores it for a set period of time (see
on page 4-21) while it searches for the high priority symbology. If a high priority
symbology is located during this period, then that data is read immediately.
If the time-out period expires before a high priority symbology is read, the scan-
ner will read any bar code in its view (low priority or unspecified). If there is no
bar code in the scanner's view after the time-out period expires, then no data is
Note: A low priority symbol must be centered on the aiming pattern to be read.
4 - 20
* Centering Off
Bottom of Centering Window
Right of Centering Window
Preferred Symbology Time-out


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