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Chapter 11 - Serial Programming Commands; Conventions; Menu Command Syntax - Honeywell 1900GHD-2 User Manual

Area-imaging scanner.
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Serial Programming Commands
The serial programming commands can be used in place of the programming
bar codes. Both the serial commands and the programming bar codes will pro-
gram the scanner. For complete descriptions and examples of each serial pro-
gramming command, refer to the corresponding programming bar code in this
The device must be set to an RS232 interface (see
commands can be sent via a PC COM port using terminal emulation software.


The following conventions are used for menu and query command descriptions:
parameter A label representing the actual value you should send as part of a
[ option ]
An optional part of a command.
Alternatives in a command.
Names of menus, menu commands, buttons, dialog boxes, and
windows that appear on the screen.

Menu Command Syntax

Menu commands have the following syntax (spaces have been used for clarity
Prefix [:Name:] Tag SubTag {Data} [, SubTag {Data}] [; Tag SubTag {Data}] [...]
Three ASCII characters: SYN M CR (ASCII 22,77,13).
:Name: To send information to the scanner (with the base connected to host),
use :Xenon: The default factory setting for a Xenon scanner is Xenon
scanner. This setting is changed by using the BT_NAM command,
which accepts alphanumeric values. If the name is not known, a
wildcard (*) can be used :*:.
Note: Since the base stores all work group settings and transfers to them to
scanner once they are linked, changes are typically done to the base and
not to the scanner.
A 3 character case-insensitive field that identifies the desired menu
command group. For example, all RS232 configuration settings are
identified with a Tag of 232.
SubTag A 3 character case-insensitive field that identifies the desired menu
command within the tag group. For example, the SubTag for the
RS232 baud rate is BAD.
The new value for a menu setting, identified by the Tag and SubTag.
2-2). The following
11 - 1


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