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Honeywell 1900GHD-2 User Manual Page 213

Area-imaging scanner.
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E - Edge Sharpen
An edge sharpen filter cleans up the edges of an image, making it look
cleaner and sharper. While edge sharpening does make the image look
cleaner, it also removes some fine detail from the original image. The
strength of the edge sharpen filter can be entered from 1 to 24. Entering a
23E gives the sharpest edges, but also increases noise in the image.
0E Don't sharpen image (default)
14E Apply edge sharpen for typical image
n e Apply edge sharpen using strength n ( n = 1-24)
Example of Edge Sharpen at 0E:
F - File Format
Indicates the desired format for the image.
0F KIM format
1F TIFF binary
2F TIFF binary group 4, compressed
3F TIFF grayscale
4F Uncompressed binary (upper left to lower right, 1 pixel/bit, 0
padded end of line)
5F Uncompressed grayscale (upper left to lower right, bitmap format)
6F JPEG image (default)
8F BMP format (lower right to upper left, uncompressed)
10F TIFF color compressed image
11F TIFF color uncompressed image
12F JPEG color image
14F BMP color format
15F BMP Uncompressed raw image
Example of Edge Sharpen at 24E:
8 - 7


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