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Checking The Scsi Device Settings - Panasonic AJ-DE97P Installation Manual

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2-2. Checking the SCSI device settings

In this section the SCSI-BIOS Tool is used to check the SCSI device settings.
You will find it easier to perform the checks if, before starting the actual
procedure, you quickly glance through SCSI-BIOS Tool items B-1–B-3
(pages 39–43) in Appendix B and understand how the settings of the parts
corresponding to the items to be checked in this section are displayed.
In particular, the following parts in B-3 must be understood.
(1) SCSI device configuration check
(2) SCSI ID check
If items with different settings have been detected as a result of conducting
the checks, refer to the explanation given in
¬When the SCSI device parameters are wrong¬
which is found in B-3 of Appendix B, and to the "Troubleshooting" section in
the Operating Instructions. (Refer to pages 20–27 of Operating Instructions.)
When the checks in this section have been completed with no errors found,
proceed to the next section [2-3. AV disk inspections] without exiting the
1. After the series of checks described in Section 2-1 (Checking the power
startup) have been completed with no errors found, reboot the unit and
check the SCSI device settings.
If, upon completion of the checks in the previous section, the screen
displays during the startup procedure have reached the white characters
on a blue background status, do not turn off the power or reset the
system until the display status changes.
If either step is to be performed, wait until the Windows flag appears on
the screen, and then reboot the unit using the reset switch.
2. Check the SCSI device settings following the instructions in "(1) SCSI
device configuration check" and "(2) SCSI ID check" in B-3 (pages 40,
41) of Appendix B (SCSI-BIOS Tool).
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Table of Contents

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