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Panasonic AJ-DE97P Installation Manual page 29

Dvcpro 50 non-linear editing system
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After creating the video sequence, check its playback.
20. Click the
video sequence.
21. The playback of the video sequence is started when the
22. The playback images are output to the video monitor.
23. While the video sequence is being played back, the playback position is
indicated on the video track by the cursor.
24. Playback ends automatically when the end of the video sequence is
25. To stop the playback at any time, click the
) Did the video sequence playback start when the
) Did the video sequence playback stop when the
) Were the audio and video playback of the video sequence affected by
noise or disturbances?
Check the playback images by viewing the video monitor.
After checking the editing operations in the video sequence, destroy the
video sequence created.
26. Click the
27. The window shown below now appears.
28. Click the
This completes the editing operation checks.
Do not exit the Toolbox since the limited edition of the editing software
program will be used in the next section as well.
The function buttons (see figure at left) at the top of the
sequence editor window are used for the playback
button to move the playback start position to the start of the
mark at the top right of the sequence editor window with the
button to exit the sequence editor.
– 29 –
button is
button was
button was


Table of Contents

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