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Appendix; How To Use Disk Administrator Provided With Windows Nt; C-1.Outline Of Disk Administrator; C-2.How To Start Up Disk Administrator - Panasonic AJ-DE97P Installation Manual

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Table of Contents
How to use Disk Administrator provided with


Windows NT
C-1. Outline of Disk Administrator
C-2. How to start up Disk Administrator
The Disk Administrator is a graphic tool for administrating the disk resources.
Outline of operations which the Disk Administrator can perform
O Volumes can be formatted and labeled.
O The partition sizes, additional partitions, blank areas which can be used to
create the striping sets, and other disk-related status information can be
O The allocation of the drive names, volume labels, file system types and
sizes and other Windows NT volume-related status information can be
1. From the [Start] menu, select and click [Programs] 5 [Administrative
Tools] 5 [Disk Administrator].
<Respond to messages until Disk Administrator starts up>
2. "System configuration will be automatically updated to reflect these
changes when you next opt to save changes when exiting Disk
: [OK]
3. "System configuration will now be updated." : [OK]
4. "Do you want to write a signature on Disk XX so that Disk Administrator
can access the drive?"

: [Yes]

5. The Disk Administrator now starts up, and the dialog box shown in Fig. 1
appears on the screen. (The display may vary slightly, depending on the
changes made to the disc capacity, etc.)
Fig. 1 Disk Administrator dialog box
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Table of Contents

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