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Panasonic AJ-DE97P Installation Manual page 27

Dvcpro 50 non-linear editing system
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After creating the video sequence, play it back and check it.
4. Click the
video sequence.
5. Click the
6. The playback images are now output to the monitor (video) for monitoring
the pictures.
7. The cursor appears on the video track to indicate the current playback
position while the video sequence is being played.
8. Playback is automatically ended at the end of the video sequence.
9. Click the
) Did the playback of the video sequence start when the
) Did the playback of the video sequence stop when the
) Was there any noise or disturbances in the playback AV of the video
Check the playback images visually on the monitor (video) for monitoring
the pictures.
Next, check the operation for the video 2-channel simultaneous playback in
which video effects are utilized.
10. Use the mouse to click the first clip in
the video sequence in which multiple
clips were placed on the video track.
11. As shown in the figure on the right,
some square dots called "grids"
appear on the clip.
12. Among these grids, select the middle grid on the right side by clicking it
with the mouse.
Keep the mouse in the clicked (dragged) status.
13. The color of the selected grid now turns from white to red.
14. Keep dragging the grid which has now turned red and move it toward the
left before releasing the mouse at the appropriate position.
(This shortens the duration of the clip concerned.)
The sequence is played back using the function buttons
(shown on the left) located at the top of the sequence
editor window.
button to move the play start position to the beginning of the
button to start playing the video sequence.
button to suspend playback at any time.
– 27 –
button was
button was


Table of Contents

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