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Panasonic AJ-DE97P Installation Manual page 33

Dvcpro 50 non-linear editing system
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7. Click the
Video window to display the device list, and select "Internal VTR
8. Operate the internal VTR using the VTR control panel on the Record To
Video window, and return to the approximate point where the
downloaded images start on the tape.
9. Click the
VTR's tape at the a1 speed, and check the downloaded data.
10. The playback images are output to the video monitor.
11. To stop playback, click the
) Did the tape playback at the a1 speed start when the
) Did the tape playback at the a1 speed stop when the
) Were the tape's playback images affected by noise or disturbances?
Check the playback images by viewing the video monitor.
This now completes the check for the downloading operation and the
downloaded data for the internal VTR's 50M a2 speed mode.
To conduct further checks on the downloading for
O Internal VTR (50Mx1): Internal VTR 50M a1 speed and
O Internal VTR (25Mx4): Internal VTR 25M a4 speed,
select "Internal VTR (50Mx1)" and "Internal VTR (25Mx4)" as the device
displayed on the VTR control panel, and conduct the same checks described
above as for "Internal VTR (50Mx2)."
Consult your local dealer regarding installation of the AJ-SF97 non-linear
editing software.
mark at the far right in the Device list box on the Record To
button among the VTR controls to play back the internal
– 33 –
button was
button was


Table of Contents

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