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Connecting The Peripheral Devices And Layout Precautions - Panasonic AJ-DE97P Installation Manual

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Table of Contents

1-4. Connecting the peripheral devices and layout precautions

Bear in mind the points listed below when connecting the computer monitor,
monitor (Video) for monitoring the pictures and other peripheral devices to
the unit. It is recommended that you proceed while referring to the rear panel
connection diagrams in the Operating Instructions. (Refer to pages 13–16 of
Operating Instructions.)
For details on the handling of peripheral devices, refer to the operating
instructions accompanying each device concerned.
) Connect the peripheral devices while power to the unit and peripheral
devices is off.
) Before moving the unit, turn its power off.
Do not move the unit while the power is still on.
) Install the unit in a flat and stable location.
) At the installation stage, ensure that the connectors and cables
protruding from the unit's rear panel do not make contact with any
objects in the vicinity.
) At the installation stage, do not drop the keyboard or mouse, and
take care not to run their cables underneath the unit or peripheral
) Do not place objects on top of the unit.
) Leave a sufficient clearance around the unit in order to improve the
ventilation inside the unit.
) Do not place food or drinks in the vicinity of the unit.
Morsels of food or spilled drinks can cause trouble.
) Check that you have not forgotten to connect the VGA cable between
the unit and the monitor for the computer.
) Check that you have not forgotten to connect the video cable
between the unit and monitor (Video) for monitoring the pictures.
) Check that you have not forgotten to connect the unit and any other
peripheral devices.
) Check that all the devices required have been connected, and insert
the power plugs of the unit and peripheral devices into the power
) When the SCSI hard disk drive for external expansion purposes is to
be connected:
Attach one of the ferrite cores packed with the unit to one end of the
SCSI I/F cable and the attach the other one to the other end.
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Table of Contents

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