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C-5.How To Format Disks - Panasonic AJ-DE97P Installation Manual

Dvcpro 50 non-linear editing system
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C-5. How to format disks
The operations described in this section are to be performed only for disks
No.1 through 5 (drive "O:" and "L:") in the event that serious problems have
arisen in the editing software program installed in the system and the
system's disk configuration information has been lost.
Carelessly and needlessly formatting the disk will destroy not only the
installed editing software program but the unit's system software
programs and recorded data as well and is, therefore, not
How to format drive "O:"
1. Click all drives 1 through 4 while holding down the [Ctrl] key on the
2. When "Create stripe set" is clicked on the [Partition] menu, the "Create
Stripe Set" dialog box shown in Fig. 6 appears. Click [OK].
3. When [Commit changes Now] is clicked on the [Partition] menu, the
confirmation dialog box shown in Fig. 7 appears. Click [Yes].
Fig. 6 Create Stripe Set dialog box
Fig. 7 Confirmation dialog box
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Table of Contents

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