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Appendix; Bios Screen Display; A-1. Concerning Bios Information At Startup; A-2. Details On Pc Unit Bios Information Checks - Panasonic AJ-DE97P Installation Manual

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BIOS screen display

A-1. Concerning BIOS information at startup

A-2. Details on PC unit BIOS information checks

The following BIOS information items are displayed on the computer's
monitor immediately after the unit's power is turned on.
Basic inspections of the PC unit hardware of the unit can be conducted by
checking the items displayed.
(1) Award Modular BIOS version
(2) Type of CPU
(3) Main memory size (on completion of memory test)
(4) System disk drive acquisition status (system disk drive name)
(5) CD-ROM drive acquisition status (CD-ROM drive name)
(6) SCSI card (ASC-39160) SCSI-BIOS startup information
(7) SCSI-HDD (for 5 units) connection information
(8) PCI device information
The information to be checked on the computer's monitor display immediately
after the unit's power is turned on in Section 2-1 (Checking the power startup)
of Chapter 2 consists of the following six items. Which part of the screen
should be checked is described for each item in turn.
(1) Main memory size
(2) CD-ROM drive name
(3) System disk drive name
(4) SCSI card name
(5) SCSI disk drive names (for 5 units)
(6) Plug & Play (PnP) device list
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Table of Contents

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