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Panasonic AJ-DE97P Installation Manual page 20

Dvcpro 50 non-linear editing system
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After checking that the tape can be played back normally in the internal
VTR's 50M a2 speed mode, check the uploading operation.
The area in the digitizer window shown in the figure below contains the
uploading function buttons.
7. Set the internal VTR to the 50M a2 speed playback mode and click the
button. This starts the uploading of the internal VTR's playback data
to the internal AV disk.
8. To exit uploading, click the
9. By clicking the
button, an icon of the now uploaded clip is generated
automatically and registered as a new icon in the bin.
10. When the
button is clicked while the internal VTR is still in the 50M
a2 speed playback mode, the next data is uploaded. The uploading is
completed by clicking the
automatically registered in the bin.
If the clip format is DVCPRO 50M, the edge of the icon of the registered
clip will be colored blue; if it is 25M, it will be colored yellow.
11. Repeat these steps to upload multiple clips to the AV disk.
When all the clips have been uploaded, the internal VTR 50M a2 speed
mode playback must be ended and the tape removed.
The internal VTR's stop button is in the area of the digitizer window shown
12. The internal VTR stops when the
13. The tape is ejected by clicking the
– 20 –
button, and an icon of the new clip is
button in the above figure is


Table of Contents

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