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Problem Solving Guide - Miele KM 440 Operating Instructions Manual

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Problem solving guide

Repairs to the electrical compo-
nents of this appliance should only
ever be carried out by a competent
person. Unauthorised repairs can
be dangerous.
Some minor problems however can be
dealt with as follows:
What to do if . . .
. . . there is a slight smell when the
hob is heated for the very first time.
This is not a fault.
Residual moisture in the insulation is
drying out.
. . . it is not possible to switch on the
cooking zones.
Check if the zone lock is on.
If all the indicator lights are switched
off check whether the house mains
fuse has blown.
Call an electrician or the Service De-
Problem solving guide
. . . a cooking zone switches off dur-
ing use and "H" repeatedly flashes in
the display.
This is not a fault.
If a cooking zone has been switched
on for an exceptional length of time the
safety switch or feature is activated.
This can be after a period of 1 to 10
hours depending on the setting origin-
ally selected. The higher the setting the
shorter the time to auto switch off.
To switch on the cooking zone again.
Select setting "0" and then once
again the setting required.
If "H" flashes in one or more displays
this is not a fault but a signal that these
zones are still hot.
. . . when using auto heat up the con-
tent of the pan does not cook satis-
factorily check
whether a pan with a heat retaining
base is being used.
The warmth from this base only trans-
fers slowly into the food.
Whether a rather large pan is being
In both cases select a higher setting for
continued cooking, or bring to the boil
with setting "9" and then switch to a
lower setting.

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