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Miele KM 440 Operating Instructions Manual page 18

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Cleaning and care
Cleaning and care
Removal of sugar, syrups,
plastic or aluminium foil.
Switch the hob off and scrape off all
the residues straight away with a
shielded razor blade scraper while
it is still hot. Protect your hands from
the heat.
Once the cooking zone has cooled
down clean with a suitable cleaner.
Cleaning agents for regular
There are several proprietary cleaners
suitable for vitreous ceramic surfaces.
Follow the manufacturer's cleaning
and care instructions.
Do not use the cleaner while the
cooking zone is hot.
Ensure that any residues of clean-
ing agent are removed from the hob
surface with a damp cloth.
Otherwise these could have an etch-
ing effect when the zone is heated
Some cleaners incorporate a silicone
agent which acts as a protective film on
the ceramic hob. However, cooking at
high temperatures reduces the effect
and the cleaner needs to be reapplied
for renewed effect.

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