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Miele KM 420 Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions

Ceramic hobs
KM 420
KM 423
To avoid the risk of accidents
or damage to the machine
it is
to read these
Operating instructions before
it is installed or used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 04 996 260



  Summary of Contents for Miele KM 420

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions Ceramic hobs KM 420 KM 423 WGiOZ To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the machine it is to read these Operating instructions before it is installed or used for the first time. M.-Nr. 04 996 260...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    ......... 4 .
  • Page 5: Residual Heat Indicators

    a Cooking zone: 14.5 cm Ø b Cooking zone: 21 cm Ø c Cooking zone: 14.5 cm Ø d Cooking zone: 18 cm Ø a Vario cooking zone: 12 cm / 21 cm Ø b Cooking zone: 14.5 cm Ø c Cooking zone / Extended cooking zone: 17 cm Ø...
  • Page 6 When the appliance has been built in the data plate is no longer visible. A The transport and protective packing second data plate label is supplied with has been selected from materials which the appliance. are environmentally friendly for disposal Please stick the label into this booklet and can normally be recycled.
  • Page 7: Important Notes

    This appliance conforms to current This appliance is intended for do- safety requirements. Improper use of mestic use only and is not to be the appliance can, however, present used for commercial purposes. a risk of both personal injury and material damage.
  • Page 8: Data Plate

    Installation work and repairs may only be carried out by suitably To avoid the risk of damage to the qualified and competent persons to en- appliance, make sure that the rat- sure safety. ing on the data plate corresponds to Repairs and other work by unqualified the voltage and frequency of the house- persons could be dangerous and the...
  • Page 9 This appliance must not be in- stalled over a dishwasher, washing Caution, danger of burning. High machine, tumble dryer, refrigerator, temperatures are produced by the freezer or fridge-freezer. The high tem- peratures radiated by hobs could dam- hob cooking zones. age the appliance below.
  • Page 10 Do not heat up unopened tins of Do not use the appliance to heat food on the hob as pressure will up the room. Due to the high tem- build up in the tin and it can explode. peratures radiated, objects left near the This could result in injury and scalding hob could catch fire.
  • Page 11 Do not allow either solid or liquid Always ensure that food is suffi- sugar or pieces of plastic or ciently cooked or reheated. Many alumium foil to get on to the ceramic factors will affect the overall cooking hob when it is hot. If this is allowed to time, including the size and amount of cool before the hob has been cleaned, food, its initial temperature, changes to...
  • Page 12 In countries where there are areas Before throwing an old appliance which may be subject to infestation away, switch off and disconnect it by cockroaches or other vermin, pay from the power supply. Cut off and ren- particular attention to keeping the der any plug useless.
  • Page 13 Before using for the first time, clean the Some cooking zones can be enlarged. appliance with a damp cloth only and These are x (rear right) and then wipe dry. n (front left). Do not use washing up liquid on the The relevant cooking zone control is ceramic surface as it can leave a used to switch on the vario / extended...
  • Page 14: Temperature Limiter

    Each cooking zone has a residual heat The cooking zones have a temperature indicator. limiter which switches off the cooking zones before the ceramic surface over- After switching off, the residual heat in- heats. dicator light (a dot in the display) stays The temperature limiter switches the el- on as long as the cooking zone remains ements back on again when the tem-...
  • Page 15 The controls for the cooking zones reg- ulate the heat output and are used to Melting butter, select the heat setting. Chocolate Dissolving gelatine 1 - 2 Preparing yoghurt Turn the control in a clockwise direc- tion only until you feel a resistance, Keeping food warm and then turn it back.
  • Page 16 – Use a pan lid whenever possible to minimise heat loss. – For optimum energy consumption during cooking, only pans which have flat or very slightly concave bases when they are cold, should be used. When the pan is hot, the base should rest evenly on the ceramic surface.
  • Page 17 Aluminium or stainless steel pans Always place a pan centrally on the with aluminium bases can leave cooking zone before switching on the marks with a metallic sheen on the appliance to save energy. ceramic surface. The cooking zone and the pan base Clean these away at the earliest oppor- should be should be clean and dry.
  • Page 18 A microfibre "E-Cloth" is available from the Miele UK Spare Parts Department, Part Number 98013530, which is suit- able for cleaning surfaces such as stainless steel, glass, plastic and...
  • Page 19 (aluminium deposits) on the hob sur- There are proprietary cleaners on the face can be removed once the hob has market for cleaning ceramic hobs. cooled down by using a suitable propri- etary cleaner. Follow the manufacturer’s instruc- tions. Do not use on hot cooking (caused for exam- zones.
  • Page 20 – the pan is too large in relation to the cooking zone and an extended zone The following minor problems can be has not been switched on. corrected without contacting the Miele Service Department: This is not a fault. Residual moisture in the insulation is drying out.
  • Page 21 In the event of any faults which you cannot remedy yourself, please contact – Your Miele Dealer – The nearest Miele Service Department (see back cover for address). When contacting the Service Department, please quote the model and serial num- ber of your appliance both of which are given on the data plate.
  • Page 22 Due to the high temperatures radi- ated it is not advisable to fit a The necessary connection data and drawer directly underneath the hob. model name are located on the hob The hob may only be fitted above data plate. kitchen units with fixed front panels.
  • Page 23 ^ Cut the worktop according to the di- mensions in the relevent diagram, keeping within the tolerances given. ^ Ensure that there is a clearance depth of 54 mm over a width of 73 mm beneath the switching unit. ^ A minimum safety distance of 50 mm must be maintained between the hob and the back wall and a side wall or tall unit to the right or left of the hob.
  • Page 24 Under no circumstances should a Sealing strip sealant find its way between the b Hob frame of the top part of the hob and the worktop. c Worktop d Clamp This could cause difficulties if the hob ever needs to be taken out for e Screw servicing and possibly damage the hob frame or the worktop.
  • Page 25 When switched off there must be an All electrical work should be carried all-pole gap of at least 3 mm in the iso- out by a suitably qualified and com- lator switch (including switch, fuses and petent person, in strict accordance relays according to EN 60 335).
  • Page 28 Alteration rights reserved 04/4701 This paper consists of cellulose which has been bleached without the use of chlorine.

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