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Miele KM 440 Operating Instructions Manual page 7

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Warning and Safety instructions
Installation work and repairs may
only be carried out by suitably
qualified and competent persons to en-
sure safety. Repairs and other work by
unqualified persons could be dan-
The appliance is only completely
isolated from the electricity supply
– it is switched off at the wall socket,
or isolator,
– or the mains fuse is withdrawn,
– or the screw-out fuse is removed
(in countries where this is applic-
Do not connect the appliance to
the mains electricity supply by an
extension lead.
Extension leads do not guarantee the
required safety of the appliance.
The hob may not be built in over a
dishwasher or fridge, fridge-
freezer or freezer. The high radiant tem-
peratures which are sometimes gener-
ated by the hob could damage such
If the hob is built in above an oven,
the connecting cable of the hob
must be positioned in such a way that it
cannot come into contact with the oven
Warning and Safety instructions
Caution, danger of burning.
High temperatures are produced by
the hob cooking zones
Do not let small children touch the
appliance during operation. Not
only do the cooking zones of the hob
heat up, but also the control panel.
Danger of burning. Keep all pans out of
the reach of children. Supervise use of
the hob by the elderly and infirm.
When switched on the cooking
zones heat up. The residual heat in-
dicators will show whether a cooking
zone is switched on, or is still hot.
Do not leave the appliance unat-
tended when cooking with oils and
fats as these are fire hazards if over-
Do not use the hob to heat up the
The high temperatures of the hob could
cause inflammable objects in the vi-
cinity to catch fire.
In the event of any breakages or
cracks occuring in the ceramic
hob it must be switched off immediately
and disconnected from the electricity
Contact the Miele Service Department.
Continued use would be dan-
gerous as liquids etc boiling over
could penetrate the electrical compo-
nents through the crack(s).

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