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Please Observe The Following Good Practice Guide - Miele KM 440 Operating Instructions Manual

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Please observe the following
good practice guide:
Always place a pan centrally on the
cooking zone before switching on the
appliance to save energy.
The cooking zone and the pan base
should be clean and dry. This saves un-
necessary cleaning after cooking.
Always check before beginning to
cook that there are no sand-like
grains on the ceramic surface.
If such grains should find their way
underneath the saucepan when it is
pushed across the hob the grains
could cause scratches on the surface.
Do not use any pots or pans which
have bases with pronounced edges
or ridges or are enamelled unevenly.
These could scratch or scour the hob
Do not push any enamelled objects
such as baking trays or roasting
pans around on the hob.
This could cause scratches.
When using aluminium utensils the
metal can affect the ceramic sur-
face by leaving mother-of-pearl col-
oured marks behind.
These marks can be removed most
easily if they are treated immediately
they appear with a special proprietary
cleaning agent (see chapter on "Clean-
ing and Care").
Do not allow either solid or liquid
sugar or pieces of plastic or alumi-
nium foil to lie on the heated cook-
ing zones.
If spills are left on the ceramic surface
until it has cooled down, these will
cause variable pitting, and could even
cause cracking.
When spills occur, therefore, switch the
cooking zone off and immediately
scrape off all the residues with a
shielded razor blade scraper. Take care
not to burn yourself.

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