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Miele KM 440 Operating Instructions Manual page 8

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Warning and Safety instructions
Warning and Safety instructions
Do not use the hob as a resting
place for anything else. This could
lead to a danger of the article begin-
ning to melt or catching fire, if the hob
were to be switched on inadvertently.
Take care to keep the touchpads
and the area around them clean
and do not put things down on them.
Hot pans can damage the electronics
which are under the sensors.
When cleaning the hob surface do not
push the dirt across the touchpads.
The sensors could mistake the article
or dirt for a finger tip contact, thereby
activating a function.
Do not drop anything on the ce-
ramic hob.
Dropping a salt cellar, for example,
could be the cause of damage in cer-
tain circumstances.
Do not use plastic or aluminium foil
These melt at higher temperatures and
could damage the ceramic surface.
Do not allow either solid or liquid
sugar or pieces of plastic or alumi-
nium foil to get onto the ceramic hob
when it is hot. If this is allowed to cool
before the hob has been cleaned, the
ceramic surface will be susceptible to
pitting or even cracking.
Switch the cooking zones off and while
the hob is still warm, scrape all the
sugar, plastic or aluminum remains
from the hob with a shielded scraper
blade taking care not to burn yourself.
Do not use any pots or pans on the
ceramic hob with bases with pro-
nounced edges or ridges.
These could scratch or scour the hob
surface permanently.
If a drawer is fitted directly under-
neath the hob without any wooden
base in between, ensure that no aero-
sols, combustible liquids or other easily
flammable materials are kept in it. If cut-
lery inserts are to be placed in the
drawer, these must be made of suitable
heat-resistant material.
When using kitchen appliances
connected to sockets near the ce-
ramic hob ensure that the cable cannot
touch a heated hob zone or pan. The in-
sulation on the cable could become
damaged, giving rise to an electric
shock hazard.
Always ensure that food is suffi-
ciently cooked or reheated.
Many factors will affect the overall cook-
ing time, including the size and amount
of food, its temperature, changes to the
recipe and the shape and size of cook-
ing container.
Some foods may contain micro or-
ganisims which are only destroyed by
thorough cooking, therefore when cook-
ing or reheating foods, e.g. poultry, it is
particularly important that food is fully
cooked through (at more than 70 °C,
for more than 10 minutes). If in doubt
select a longer cooking or reheating

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