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Cleaning And Care - Miele KM 440 Operating Instructions Manual

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Cleaning and care

In general you can use the same clean-
ing agents for the ceramic hob surface
as you would for ordinary glass sur-
Never use scouring agents or pads,
or strong cleaners such as oven
sprays or stain or rust removers, as
these could harm the surface.
There is a seal between the hob
frame and worktop and between the
frame and the ceramic plate. Do not
use any sharp pointed object, such
as a knife, to clean these seals as
they could become damaged.
Clean after each use
Take care to keep the touch pads
and the area around them clean
and do not put things down on
them. Hot pans can damage the
electronics under the sensors.
When cleaning the hob surface do
not push the dirt across the touch
The sensors could mistake the ar-
ticle or dirt for a finger tip contact,
thereby activating a function.
Any minor spills which have not dried
on can be wiped off with a damp cloth
or sponge. Non-abrasive liquid
cleaners can also be used.
Cleaning and care
If the hob is cleaned with washing
up liquid for example, light blue
staining might occur. These stains
can be removed with one of the pro-
prietary agents mentioned, although
they can be stubborn, and it may
take several applications.
Hardened spills should be carefully
scraped off using a shielded razor
blade scraper.
The hob surface should then be
rubbed clean with a damp cloth or
To remove marks
Light marks with a metallic sheen
(aluminium deposits) on the hob sur-
face can be removed once the hob has
cooled down by using a suitable pro-
prietary cleaner.
Lime deposits (caused for example by
water boiling over) can be removed
with vinegar or a proprietary hob

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