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Warning And Safety Instructions - Miele KM 440 Operating Instructions Manual

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Warning and Safety instructions

Warning and Safety instructions
This appliance complies with all rele-
vant legal safety requirements. Im-
proper use of the appliance can,
however, present a risk of both per-
sonal injury and material damage.
Before installation and before using
the appliance for the first time, read
the operating instructions carefully.
They contain important notes on
safety, on the operation and care of
the appliance. This way you will
avoid the risk of accidents and dam-
age to the appliance.
Do not let children access the ap-
pliance or its controls. Supervise its
use by the elderly or infirm.
Keep these instructions in a safe
place and pass them on to any fu-
ture user.
Correct usage
The appliance is intended for do-
mestic use to cook food, and in
particular to heat up, boil, simmer or
fry. Any other usage is at the owner's
risk and could be dangerous. The
manufacturer cannot be held respon-
sible for damage caused by improper
use of the appliance.
Technical safety
Before connecting the appliance to
the mains supply make sure that
the connection data given on the data
plate correspond to those of the mains
supply. It is essential that these data
match, to avoid any damage to the ap-
pliance. Consult a competent person if
in doubt.
The electrical safety of this ap-
pliance can only be guaranteed
when continuity is complete between
the appliance and an effective earthing
system, which complies with local and
national regulations. It is most import-
ant that this basic safety requirement is
tested by a qualified electrician. The
manufacturer cannot be held respon-
sible for the consequences of an inade-
quate earthing system.
This appliance must only be oper-
ated as a built-in appliance. This is
necessary to ensure that all electrical
components are shielded.
Never open the casing of the ap-
Tampering with electrical connections
or components and mechanical parts
is highly dangerous to the user and can
cause operational faults.

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