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Locking Function; Safety Switch-Off Functions; Avoiding Activating The Touchpads By Mistake - Miele KM 440 Operating Instructions Manual

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Locking function

The hob zones can be locked to pre-
vent inadvertent use when the hob is in
operation. Processes currently in oper-
ation will continue and the settings dis-
played will remain active. We recom-
mend locking the touchpads to avoid
children, pets etc tampering with the
Press the locking touchpad "
until the dot above it lights up.
Cancelling the lock
Press touchpad "
above it goes out.

Safety switch-off functions

If a cooking zone has been in use for
an exceptionally long time, the safety
switch-off is automatically activated.
The length of time, between one and
ten hours, depends on which power
setting was chosen. The higher the
power setting the shorter the period
until switch-off.
In addition each cooking zone is fitted
with an internal temperature limiter
which switches off the cooking zones if
the ceramic surface is overheated.
It is possible to switch off all cooking
zones simultaneously, even if they are
Press the Operation on-off control
" until the hob is switched off.
", until the dot
Avoiding activating the touch-
pads by mistake
Do not put any kitchen accessories
such as lids, cutlery or cloths down on
the touchpads.
Always keep the sensor touchpad
controls and the area around them
clean and do not put things down
on them.
Hot pans could damage the elec-
tronics under the sensors.
Remove dirt and spills immediately.
The sensors could mistake the
article or dirt for a finger tip contact,
thereby activating switching oper-

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