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Korg EXB-MOSS Manual: Bank F Operations; Loading The Preset Programs; Selecting A Program/combination; Editing A Program

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Loading the preset programs

Please load the "EXBMOSS-00FD" data from the
floppy disk included with the EXB-MOSS. For details
on the procedure, refer to "Disk mode" of the TRI-
TON Basic Guide. The floppy disk contains the
following data.
Bank A*, B*, F
Bank A*, B
Drum Kits
Arpeggio Pattern
Global setting*
Cue List
Demo Song
"Feet Hurt MOSS" by Scott Frankfurt
©1999 Bleach Bros. Music
( - all rights reserved.
Program bank F contains programs that use the EXB-
Combination bank B contain combinations that use
bank F programs together with the TRITON's
preloaded programs of banks A and B.
* Same as the preloaded data of the TRITON.
When you load MOSS.PCG
Programs, combinations, drum kits, arpeggio patterns,
and global settings will be written into the TRITON's
internal memory.
When you load MOSS.PCG, all the current
contents of internal memory will be erased and
When you load MOSS.SNG
Demo songs that use the bank F programs etc. of
MOSS.PCG will be loaded. These songs can be
played in Sequencer mode.
When you select and load MOSS.SNG, all the
current contents of sequencer memory will be
erased and overwritten.

3. Bank F operations

Selecting a program/
In "Program P0: Play," you can select a bank F
program 000–127 in the same way as for banks A–E.
You can also select programs from the "Category/
Program Select" menu or the "Bank/Program Select"
Combinations can be selected in "Combination P0:
Play," and also from the "Category/Combination
Select" menu or the "Bank/Combination Select"
For a list of the programs/combinations in the
included floppy disk, refer to "Voice Name List" on
p.49 of this manual.

Editing a program

If a bank F MOSS tone generator program is selected
in "Program P0: Play," you can use P1–P9 to edit the
program parameters. For details on the program
parameters, refer to the "Parameters" section that
begins on p.11 of this manual.
The performance editor parameter "Pitch
Stretch" of "Program P0: Play" cannot be used
for bank F programs.


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