Safety Rules - Craftsman 486.245042 Operator's Manual

6.5 h.p. soft top vac system and cart
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Any power equpiment can cause injury if operated improperly or if the user does not understand how to operate the equipment.
Exercise caution at all times when using power equipment.
Read and follow all instructions in this manual before attempting
to assemble or operate this equipment.
Failure to comply
with these instructions may result in personal injury. Keep this
manual in a safe place for future reference and for ordering
replacement parts.
Read this operating and service instruction manual carefully.
Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and proper use of this
power vacuum.
Read the vehicle owners manual and vehicle safe operation
rules before using this equipment.
Never allow children under 16 to operate this Vac System.
Children 16 years and older should only operate under close
parental supervision.
Do not allow anyone to operate this equipment without proper
Do not allow passengers to ride on this equipment or on the
towing vehicle.
Keep the area of operation clear of all persons, particularly
small children. Also keep area clear of pets.
Check fuel before starting engine. Do not fill fuel tank indoors,
or when engine is running, or while engine is hot. Wipe off
any spi!ted fuel before starting engine.
Engine and muffler get hot. Do not touch! To avoid fire hazard,
keep clean of debris and other accumulations.
Never store Vac System with fuel in tank. Allow engine to cool
before storing in any enclosure.
Do not change engine governor settings.
Do not operate engine if air cleaner or cover is removed,
except for adjustment.
Removal of these parts could create
a fire hazard.
Keep hands, feet, face, long hair and clothing out of inlet and
discharge area. There are ROTATING BLADES inside these
Before cleaning, repairing or inspecting, make certain al! moving
parts come to a complete stop. Disconnect spark plug wire
and keep wire away from plug to prevent accidental starting.
Keep throttle control lever in stop position.
If the Vac System should become b!ocked with debris at any
point, shut engine off and wait until the impeller comes to a
complete stop before attempting to remove the obstruction.
Disconnect spark plug wire to prevent accidental starting.
!f the cutting mechanism strikes a foreign object, or if your
Mowm-vac should start to vibrate abnormally, stop the engine
immediately, disconnect the spark plug wire and move the wire
away from the spark plug. Allow the machine to stop and take
the following steps.
a. !nspect for damage.
b. Repair or replace any damaged parts.
c. Check for loose parts and tighten to assure
continued safe operation.
Check al! bolts for tightness at frequent intervals to help insure
safe operation.
Check top cover frequently
for wear. Replace
if worn or
Never operate Mow-N-Vac unless deck adapter, hose, hose
adapter (nozzle), discharge chute (elbow), and top cover are
properly attached in their place.
Do not remove top cover or attempt to empty contents of cart
while engine is running.
Never attempt to change hose adapter (nozzle) or to install
remote hose attachment when engine is running.
Keep all shields and guards (e.g. discharge chute (e!bow) and
hose adapter (nozzle) in place and securely attached.
Always wear safety glasses or other suitable eye protection
when operating or maintaining this equipment.
Do not stand behind cart in exhaust discharge area while
engine is running.
Do not operate this equipment while intoxicated or white taking
drugs or medication that impairs the senses and reactions.
When using this equipment, start with the vehicle transmission
in first (low) gear and then gradually increase speed only as
conditions permit.
Operate this equipment at reduced speed on rough terrain,
along creeks and ditches and on slopes to prevent tipping or
toss of control. Do not drive too close to a creek or ditch.
Vehicle braking and stability are affected by the addition of
this equipment. Do not fill the Mow_N_Vac to its full capacity
without checking the capability of the towing vehicle to safely
pull and stop with the Mow_NA/ac attached.
Before operating on any grade (hill) refer to the safety rules
in the vehic!e owner's manual concerning safe operation on
s!opes. Also refer to the SLOPE GUIDE on page 27 of this
owner's manual. Do not operate on slopes in excess of 10
Follow the maintenance instructions outlined in this manual.
Look for this symbol to point out important safety precautions, It means--Attention!!
Become alert!!Your
is involved.
This Vac System was built to be operated according to the rules for safe operation in this
manual. As with any type of power equipment, carelessness or error on the part of the operator can result
in serious injury. This unit is capable of amputating fingers and hands and throwing objects. Failure to
observe the following safety instructions could result in serious injury or death.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents