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Craftsman 486.248471 Operator's Manual

Front scoop tractor attachment
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Model No, 486,248471
Before using this product, read
this manuaU and follow aH Safety
RuUes and Operating
For Missing
Parts or
AssembUy Questions
Call 1-866-576-8388
• Safety
• Assembly
• Operation
• Maintenance
• Parts
Sears, Roebuck
and Co., Hoffman Estates,
IL 60179 U.S.A.
www=sea rs=com/c rafts man
FORM NO. 40089 (11/05)



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  Summary of Contents for Craftsman 486.248471

  • Page 1 Operator's lVianual ® Model No, 486,248471 FRONT SCOOP TRACTOR ATTACHMENT CAUTION: Before using this product, read this manuaU and follow aH Safety • Safety RuUes and Operating Instructions. • Assembly • Operation • Maintenance mMPORTANT: For Missing Parts or • Parts AssembUy Questions Call 1-866-576-8388 Sears, Roebuck...
  • Page 2: One Year Full Warranty

    WARRANTY ..............MAINTENANCE ............SAFETY RULES .............. TROUBLESHOOTING ........... FULL SiZE HARDWARE CHART ........REPAIR PARTS iLLUSTRATiON ........CARTON CONTENTS ............. REPAIR PARTS LiST ............ ASSEMBLY ..............SLOPE GUIDE .............. OPERATION ..............PARTS ORDERING/SERVICE ......Back Page ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY When operated and maintained according to the instructions supplied with it, if this Front Scoop Tractor Attachment fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, call 1-800-4=MY=HOME®...
  • Page 3: Wheel Weight

    Anypower e quipment cancause injury ifoperated i mproperly oriftheuserdoesnotunderstand how tooperate t heequipment, Exercise caution ata!ltimeswhenusingpower e quipment, ® Read thisoperator's m anua! before attempting t o ® Neverramthescoop intomaterial at highspeed, assemble o r operate thescoop attachment, ® Vehicle braking andstability maybeaffected with ®...
  • Page 5: Parts Not Shown

    PARTS NOT SHOWN FULL SIZE PARTS BAG CONTENTS Not a!l parts will be needed for fit-up to any one tractor= Discard unneeded parts after assembly is finished. DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION QTY. Hex Bolt, 5/8" x 1-1/2" Lock Washer, 3/8" Hex Bolt, 1/2" x 1-3/4" Washer, 1/4"...
  • Page 6 15, L iftHandle Tube 1, Bucket A ssembly 8, Right(Short) SidePlate 2, PinStopBracket 9, Left(Short) SidePlate 16,Dump Handle TubeExtension 3, LiftFrame Assembly 10,Dump Control R od 17,Dump PivotBracket 18,LiftHandle TubeExtension 4, LiftBracket Assembly 11,LiftStrap Assembly ( 2) 5, TiltAnchor A ssembly 12, T iltBracket Assembly 19,Dump Control P in 13, A ttachment Rod...
  • Page 7: Tools Required For Assembly

    TOOLS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY #2 Phillips Screwdriver Standard Screwdriver 5/15" WASHERS (X) 15/16" Wrenches (one should be box-end) 3/4" Wrenches 9/16" Wrenches 7/16" Wrenches 1/2" Wrenches 3/8" Wrench ADDiTiONAL ITEMS NEEDED Ruler or Tape Measure Grease REMOVE PARTS FROM CARTON 5/16"' Remove the hardware pack and all loose parts from NYLOCK NUT (F...
  • Page 8 STEP 6: INSTALL LiFT STRAP ASSEMBLIES STEP 4: iNSTALL LIFT BRACKET ASSEMBLY (SEE FIGURE 3) (SEE FIGURE 5) Loosen the bolts and nuts on the lift strap Assemble the lift bracket assembly to the lift frame assemblies 1/4 turn or until the straps will slide back assembly using two 5/8"...
  • Page 9 Lightly applygrease totheendofthearmonthetilt STEP 9: iNSTALL DUMP CONTROL ROD anchor a ssembly a ndinstall t hetiltbracket a ssembly (SEE FIGURE 8) tothearmusing a 1/2"x 1"hexbolt(C)and1/2" Install a 1/8" x 1-1/4" cotter pin (ll) into the inside hole nylock jamnut(O),Tighten.Loosen thenut 1/4turn, in each end of the dump control rod.
  • Page 10 STEP11: iNSTALL LIFTHANDLE TUBE STEP 13: iNSTALL LIFT CABLE (BEEFIGURE 10) (SEE FIGURE 12) install t helifthandle tubeintotheindex bracket u sing Squeeze the lift trigger and slide the anchor end of the two5/16"x 1-3/4" hexbolts(G)and5/16"nylock nuts lift cable (short) into the hole in the trigger, Release (R).
  • Page 11 STEP 14: iNSTALL DUMP HANDLETUBE STEP 16: iNSTALL DUMP CABLE (SEE FIGURE 13) (SEE FIGURE 15) Install the dump handle tube to the dump pivot bracket Squeeze the dump trigger and slide the anchor end assembly using three 5/16" x 1o3/4" hex bolts (G) and of the dump cable wire (long) into the hole in the 5/16"...
  • Page 12 STEP 17: iNSTALL DUMP CONTROL PIN (SEE FIGURE 16) install a small 1/2" washer (Z) and then the compression spring (MM) onto the dump control pin. install the dump control pin into the pin stop bracket. Make sure the fiat side of the pin faces to the front when finished.
  • Page 13 STEP 21: INSTALL FRAME BRACE LAWN TRACTORS AND GARDEN TRACTORS (SEE FIGURE 20) WITH SINGLE SUSPENSION BRACKETS Install the frame brace to the inside of the side plates using two 1/2" x 1o3/4" bolts (B), large 1/2" washers STEP 20: iNSTALL SiDE PLATES (CC), 1/2"...
  • Page 14 LAWN TRACTORS WITH DUAL SUSPENSION GARDEN TRACTORS WITH DUAL SUSPENSION BRACKETS STEP 22: iNSTALL SiDE PLATES STEP 24: INSTALL SiDE PLATES (SEE FIGURE 21) (SEE FIGURE 23) Remove any bolts present in the mounting holes on Remove any bolts present in the mounting holes on the left side of the tractor frame.
  • Page 15 STEP 2{}: ADJUSTTILT BRACKET ASSEMBLY iNSTRUCTiONS FOR ALL TRACTORS (SEE FIGURE 25) Lower the scoop assembly onto a smooth level surface, For norma! use, let the bottom of the bucket rest fiat on the ground, For more aggressive scraping STEP 25: MOUNT SCOOP TO TRACTOR action, place 1/4"...
  • Page 16 STEP 27: ADJUST LiFT STRAPS STEP 29: CHECK DUMPING OPERATION (SEE FIGURE 26) With the scoop in the transport position, squeeze the Make sure the nuts and bolts in the Siftstraps are dump trigger and push down on the dump handle loose enough to turn by hand, Stand on the right side to dump the bucket, Release the dump trigger and of the scoop and hold the lift handle as far forward...
  • Page 17 KNOWYOUR FRONT END SCOOP Always test to make sure your vehicle has adequate power and braking capabilities whenever hauling a Read this owner's manua_ and safety rules before substantial amount of weight in your front end scoop. operating your front end scoop, Use extra caution when operating on slopes.
  • Page 18: Check For Loose Fasteners

    CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILmES Read and follow the maintenance schedule and the maintenance procedures listed in this section. MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE _4_c ¢ Fill in dates as you complete regular service. Service Dates Check for loose fasteners Cleaning Lubrication CHECK FOR LOOSE FASTENERS LUBRICATION Before each use make a thorough visual check of Lightly oil all pivot points on the scoop lift mechanism.
  • Page 20 REPAIR PARTS FOR MODEL 486.248471 31 3 > 5245...
  • Page 21 REPAR PARTS FOR MODEL 486.248471 PART QTY DESCRIPTION PART DESCRIPTION 1509-69 Hex Bolt, 1/4o20 x 1o3/4" (Grade 5) R19212016 Flat Washer, 5/8" x 1-1/4" x 16 Ga. 726-0178 Cable Tie 25362 Tilt Bracket Extension Strap 49265 Lift Handle Extension 64983 Tilt Bracket 49266 Ova! Screw, 10-24 x 1-1/2"...
  • Page 23 SUGGESTED GUIDE FOR SiGHTiNG SLOPES FOR SAFE OPERATION OF TRACTOR WITH ATTACHMENT ONLY R|DE UP AND DOWN HILL, NOT ACROSS HILL t0 DEGREES MAX. WARNING: To avoid serious injury, operate your tractor up and down the face of slopes, never across the face. Do not operate on slopes greater than 10 degrees.
  • Page 24 Your Home ililililililililililililililililii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii For repair-in your home-of all major brand appliances, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii For the replacement parts, accessories iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii owner's...