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Installation - GE SmartHome Series User Manual

Intellicorder camera system
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Choose a Mounting Location
The IntelliCorder is designed to mount
on a smooth, flat door surface. Select
a door/entrance you wish to monitor.
The recommended mounting height is
approximately 5 - 6 feet. At this height,
the PIR sensor detects motion up to 6.5
feet (2 meters) away, with a viewing
angle up to 125 degrees.
To help avoid false activation, mount your camera:
• Away from direct sunlight
• Away from heat sources, such as space heaters, radiators, and exposed light bulbs
• Away from strong drafts, like those caused by central heating vents
1. Prepare the mounting space by first removing the original door peep hole
viewer. If there is no peep hole, then you will need to drill a hole of at least 9/16"
(14mm) diameter at desired location.
2. Clean the surface where the PIR camera sensor is to be mounted.
3. Carefully pull out the ribbon cable from the camera tube.
4. Remove the backing of the double sided adhesive tape on the back of the PIR.
Carefully feed the ribbon cable and tube through the peep hole, to the other side
of the door; Be careful not to stick the camera to the door. Once you have the
camera aligned properly, press the camera to the door allowing the adhesive tape
to hold the camera in place. As illustrated below, keep the PIR sensor on the top.
PIR sensor
Camera lens