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Firmware Version - GE SmartHome Series User Manual

Intellicorder camera system
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Firmware Version

Occasionally, software updates/improvements may become available. The
IntelliCorder has the ability to load new software. Check the website periodically
to find out if new software versions are available. Instructions to download from
the web site and upload to the IntelliCorder can also be found on the web site. You
can also contact Customer Service for any questions at 1-800- 654-8483
1. Press MENU button to enter Menu mode
2. Use 
3. Press OK to enter the setting mode
4. Use 
OK to enter
5. Press OK or MENU button to go back to
previous menu
Use "SD Memory Card"
You can record and play back videos on the SD memory
card (purchase separately). Exchange video data with other equipment such as
a personal computer etc., using the Memory Card Reader/Writer or a PC card
adaptor (not supplied).
• We recommend backing up important data
• IntelliCorder supports up to 1 GHz SD card.
• Video data may be damaged in the following cases:
- If you remove the SD memory card before you turn off power
- If you remove battery while reading or recording data to the SD memory card
- If the SD memory card is placed near magnetic or static electricity fields
• Do not bend, drop or apply strong shock to a SD card.
• Do not disassemble or modify a SD card.
• Do not let the SD card get wet
• Do not use or keep a SD card in locations that are:
- Extremely hot
- Under direct sunlight
- Very humid or subject to corrosive gases
• When you carry or store a SD card, put it in its case.
• A SD memory card formatted by the Windows OS or Macintosh computer does not have a
guaranteed compatibility with this IntelliCorder.
to move to Setup
to move to Version. Press
V er si on