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Operation - GE SmartHome Series User Manual

Intellicorder camera system
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6. To activate clock battery, pull the insulator tab from the back side of Monitor.
7. Position the slot located at the top edge of the IntelliCorder onto the top tab
of the Mounting Bracket. Next, fit the slot located at the bottom edge of the
IntelliCorder onto the lower tab of the mounting bracket. Press the IntelliCorder
firmly into position.
8. Insert the T-shaped lock-screw into hole located at bottom of the IntelliCorder
and turn it clockwise until it locks into position. Take care not to over tighten.
9. If using an SD memory card (not supplied) insert into the slot at the right side of Monitor.
10. Insert the Battery into the compartment, as indicated by polarity symbols
(+ and -) marked inside. See Battery Installation (Page 8).


For First Use, set MODE switch to RECORD. The camera will undergo self-
calibration within several seconds. IntelliCorder has different languages available.
Select your desired language (see page 27) Set the Time / Date (see page 26).
To save battery power, the IntelliCorder will enter into sleep mode at a selectable
time (5 or 10 seconds) when not in use or no motion is detected
(see page 22 for setting).