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GE SmartHome Series User Manual page 5

Intellicorder camera system
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you feel the IntelliCorder may not be performing correctly, contact
customer service for assistance.
. Motion Detection – The PIR motion sensor will NOT detect
motion through glass storm doors, screen doors or metal gates.
4. Camera faceplate care – Do not clean the lens with strong or
abrasive detergents. Use lens tissue or a cotton tipped applicator
and ethanol alcohol.
5. Light Source – The Cameras viewing area must be illuminated
with a suitable light source during evening and nighttime hours.
6. Door Mounting – The product should be mounted to a door,
only as recommended by the instructions. Contact customer
service for any questions.
7. Stand-by MODE - When not using your IntelliCorder set mode
switch to Play and Press Power. This will power off IntelliCorder.
8. Do not touch the LCD screen with a sharp-pointed object.
9. If your IntelliCorder is used in a cold environment, a residual
image may appear on the LCD screen. This is not a malfunction.
Contact customer service for any questions. Call 1-800-654-8483