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GE SmartHome Series User Manual page 30

Intellicorder camera system
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Trouble Shooting Cont.
The power goes off
The AUTO RECORD function
does not work
The battery remaining indicator
does not indicate the correct time
Cannot record files to SD
memory card
NO SD memory card
SD card cannot be inserted
LCD displays
The Battery is dead or nearly dead
• Recharge battery
There is no AUTO RECORD in the
LIVE, PLAY or menu settings.
You have used the Battery in an extremely
hot or cold environment for a long time.
The Battery is completely dead, and can not
be recharged
• Replace with a new Battery
The SD memory card has already been
recorded to its full capacity
• Erase unnecessary videos and record again
SD card is formatted incorrectly.
• Format the SD card or use another
SD memory card
• Check Battery Indicator
No SD card or unreadable SD card is inserted
• The SD card is broken or the file format
is incorrect. Eject the SD card, check it for
damage and insert it again. If the same
indicator appears, use another SD card.
Insert SD card, label side facing out
Set the time and date
Replace with a new CR2032 battery for clock