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GE Simon XT Manual

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Simon XT System Manual
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Simon XT System Manual
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System Overview
Your security system is made up of a control panel, one or more keypads and various sensors and
detectors. The control panel will be mounted out of the way in a utility closet or in a basement.
All the keypads have an audible indicator and command entry keys. The LED keypads have a group of
zone and system status lights. The LCD keypad has an alphanumeric liquid crystal display (LCD). The
keypad is used to send commands to the system and to display the current system status. The keypad(s)
will be mounted in a convenient location inside the protected premises close to the entry/exit door(s).
The security system has several zones of area protection and each of these zones will be connected to
one or more sensors (motion detectors, glassbreak detectors, door contacts, etc.). A sensor in alarm will[11/12/2018 9:41:49 PM]
Panic Alarms
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  • Page 1 Simon XT System Manual Select « Help Center Simon XT System Manual System Arm & Disarm Panic Alarms Trouble User Access System Testing Other System Overview the System Conditions Codes Information System Overview Overview Your security system is made up of a control panel, one or more keypads and various sensors and detectors.
  • Page 2: General System Overview

    System scheduling Remote control The Simon XT is designed to be as maintenance free as possible, however we suggest that you still test your system once a month and after any alarm occurrences. Treat the system as you would any other electrical equipment; do not slam protected doors or windows, keep dust from accumulating on the touchpad and sensors, and do not spray water or any liquid on the units.
  • Page 3 “subdisarmed” and beep once. EXIT/ENTRY DELAY Your Simon XT provides a delay after entering or exiting your home before the system is alarmed. Exit Delay The exit delay is the amount of time the system gives you to exit the home before the system is armed.
  • Page 4: Bypassing Sensors

    Simon XT System Manual No Delay This feature must be programmed by the installer. IF the system was armed with the No Delay feature activated, there will be no entry delay and the alarm will occur immediately. Protest During Arming The system may protest an arming level change if certain abnormal conditions exist.
  • Page 5: Door Chime (Entry/Exit Beeps)

    Simon XT System Manual 1. Scroll up/down until the display shows “Chime.” 2. Press [ENTER], the current setting will flash. 3. Scroll up/down to choose Chime On/Off. 4. Press [ENTER] at the desired setting. 5. Press [STATUS] to exit the menu.
  • Page 6: Trouble Conditions

    [STATUS]. The panel will automatically exit you from the system menu after a period of inactivity. Authority Levels The Simon XT provides a system of codes to be entered when a certain level of authority is required to perform an action. These codes allow you to activate system options, customize panel operations, and generate a silent alarm.
  • Page 7: System Testing

    Simon XT System Manual code 1234, 12345, or 123456. User These eight codes are supplemental user codes. These codes can be used for panel codes 1 operations such as disarming, but not programming. These codes can be any 3, 4, 5, or 6-digit through code, depending on the code length.
  • Page 8: Common Zone Operation

    Simon XT System Manual Water sensor underside of the sensor. Carbon monoxide Unplug the CO alarm. Plug it back in and press the [TEST/RESET] button until it sensor the unit beeps 8 times. Glass guard sensor Tap the glass 3 or 4 inches (6 to 8 cm) from the sensor Motion sensor Avoid the motion sensor's view for five minutes, then enter its view.
  • Page 9: Maintaining Your System

    Simon XT System Manual Faults on the common zone are displayed on keypads in both partitions. Either partition can clear and restore the common zone after an alarm. Maintaining Your System Silencing Low Battery Warning Tones at the Keypad You can silence the keypad’s warning tones by pressing the OFF key, but the keypad's message display will remain on as a reminder that you have a low battery condition in one or more of your sensors.

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