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Control Panel - GE SmartHome Series User Manual

Intellicorder camera system
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Monitor and Sensor Front
1. LCD Screen - 1.5" LTPS LCD
2. Speaker - play back the audio
sound of recorded file in PLAY mode
. SD Card Insert Slot
4. Battery Cover
5. Microphone
6. Motion-activated Sensor – detects
motion up to 6.5 feet (2 meters)
away and from a horizontal angle of
up to 125 degrees (Motion cannot be
detected through glass storm doors,
screen doors or metal gates).
7. Lens
Monitor and Sensor Back
1. Terminal
2. Clock Battery Cover

Control Panel

1. OK – confirm setting
2. CURSOR –
. MENU – enter Menu screen
4. DISPLAY – press this button to toggle
between Full Display On, Text Off and
Display Off
5. MODE switch – go to RECORD, LIVE,
6. POWER – activates and deactivates
the device in play mode
7. RESET – use a pointer or alike to press
this button to reset the unit