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GE SmartHome Series User Manual page 10

Intellicorder camera system
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To avoid Battery damage:
• Do not drop or jar Battery
• Use Battery with the IntelliCorder only
• If Battery is used in extremely high
temperatures, an internal safety
circuit will automatically stop the
IntelliCorder's operation to prolong
Battery life.
• While not in use, remove Battery from
the IntelliCorder and Charger, and store
in a cool, dark, dry place.
• Keep Battery terminals clean
Charger Caution:
• The battery charging unit operates
on AC 100-240 V 50/60Hz.
• Power-Cord Protection – The Power
supply cord should be routed so that
it will not be stepped on, pinched or
punctured by items placed upon or
against it.
• Overloading – Do not overload wall
outlets and extension cords as this can
result in a risk of fire or electric shock.
• During charging operation, the
battery should be kept away from
high temperature, high pressure and
heat sources. Also it should be kept
away from children. Do not charge the
battery for over 24 hours.
CLOCK Battery Installation
The IntelliCorder's internal clock
operates on a CR2032 lithium flat cell
battery (included). To replace battery
when expired:
1. Remove the cover on the back of
the unit by rotating tabs into unlock
2. Install a new CR2032 battery into the
clock battery compartment, observing
proper + / - polarities as indicated.
. Replace the battery cover, rotate
tabs into lock position.
• Dispose of old battery promptly and
Do not burn or bury.
• Replace battery with CR2032 only.
Use of another battery may present a
risk of damage to the IntelliCorder.
• Keep away from children. Do not
recharge, disassemble or dispose of
in fire.
• Keep battery out of children's reach.
Swallowing it may be harmful.
• Battery life is approximately two years.