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Miele PW 6101 Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Instructions

PW 6101
PW 6131
PW 6161
PW 6201
To prevent accidents
and machine damage
read these instructions
M.-Nr. 06 578 520
before installing or use.



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  Summary of Contents for Miele PW 6101

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Washer PW 6101 PW 6131 PW 6161 PW 6201 To prevent accidents and machine damage read these instructions M.-Nr. 06 578 520 before installing or use.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ......... . . 4 Guide to the washer .
  • Page 3 Contents After sales service ............34 Guide to the data plate symbols .
  • Page 4: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Correct usage of the washer WARNING Do not wash articles that have been Read all instructions before installation or previously cleaned, washed, soaked or use to prevent injury and machine spotted with gasoline, dry-cleaning solvents, damage. organic oils or other flammable substances. These articles give off vapors that could This washer-extractor is only intended for ignite or explode.
  • Page 5 Repairs to electrical or steam appliances should only be carried out by a Miele Do not use force to open the washer authorized technician in accordance with drum door. The door handle is equipped local and national safety regulations.
  • Page 6 The drum door glass will be hot when cleaning the machine. If you are not sure washing at very high temperatures. Do about an agent contact Miele’s Professional not touch the glass. Division. If you accidentally spill an agent Do not reach into the appliance if the containing chloride on the machine it should drum is moving.
  • Page 7: Guide To The Washer

    Guide to the washer a Detergent compartments d Drum door e Door handle Pull the handle to open the flap. Pull the door handle to open the drum door. b Control panel Do not use force. c Emergency Stop button The door handle is equipped with an extra Pressing the red button turns the machine safety mechanism to guarantee that the door...
  • Page 8: Operating Panel

    Guide to the washer Operating panel a Display* d Optical interface PC The optical interface on the machine’s Hot Wash 194 °F control panel provides the connection point Cottons 140 °F for data transfer between the machine’s Cottons Intensive 140 °F controls and a PC.
  • Page 9 $ Program locked i Manual operation If a program is locked it cannot be stopped (Used by Miele Service Technicians) or ended with the Off-button after 1 minute. See the Programming manual. FC Functions ) Program unlocked Press this key to temporarily select another ß...
  • Page 10: Use

    1. Turn on the washer 2. Sort and load the laundry ^ Open the on-site water valves (and the supply valves for steam, if relevant). ^ Turn on the electrical supply at the mains (on site). ^ Press l "On" to turn the washer on. The welcome screen shows.
  • Page 11: Maximum Dry Laundry Weights

    Maximum dry laundry weights 3. Add detergent PW 6101 23 lbs / 10 kg laundry 14 lbs / 6 kg wet cleaning PW 6131 30 lbs / 13 kg laundry 18 lbs / 8 kg wet cleaning PW 6161 36 lbs / 16 kg laundry...
  • Page 12 Detergent Fabric softener ^ Pour liquid fabric softener into the Only use the correct amount of high compartment according to the efficiency low sudsing detergent. Too manufacturer’s instructions. Do not much detergent will cause oversudsing. exceed the maximum fill level, the excess will prematurely activate the siphon Dosage and be wasted.
  • Page 13 Starch Bleach In the detergent container Hot Wash Program stop - starch stop Door can be opened. ü "Program stop - Starch Stop" flashes in the display when it is time to add starch to the laundry. ^ Add starch, prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions, into compartment p.
  • Page 14: Select A Program

    4. Select a program 5. Select wash options (if needed) ^ Select a program by turning the jog shuttle ^ Press one of the wash option buttons. (e.g. Program 1 Hot Wash). To deselect the option, press it again. The following will appear in the display: + i Block Plus Extra Drain A pre-wash can be selected for heavily...
  • Page 15: Select Delay Start (If Needed)

    6. Select Delay Start (if needed) 7. Adjust the program (if needed) Use the m "Delay start" button to program Laundry weight the washer to start automatically at a later time. The laundry weight can be manually selected. Setting the delay start Hot Wash 22.0 / 22.0 lb...
  • Page 16: Start The Program

    8. Start the program Spin speed ^ Press the h "Start" button to start the The spin speed can be adjusted from 0 - program. 300 then in 25 rpm increments. Depending on the model of machine and the Program selected the max.
  • Page 17: Canceling A Program

    Canceling a program Canceling a locked program To cancel a program, press the f "End" Locked programs cannot be stopped or button twice. canceled. If the program was canceled with water in Hot Wash the machine or during spinning, the display 194 °F Main wash shows:...
  • Page 18: Skipping Program Cycles

    Skipping program cycles Program sequence Cycles of a program in progress can be The program sequence is shown in the skipped or repeated. display after the start of the program. ^ Press the f "End" button to stop the Hot Wash program.
  • Page 19: K Information

    K Information Program end with water in the drum If the program is interrupted during a cycle, Hot Wash the display shows either: 194 °F Main wash 140 °F Rinse 1 Cold End at 12:35 Hot Wash Program end - Water in drum Press the K "Information"...
  • Page 20: Program Guide Standard Programs

    Program Guide Standard Programs Programs may vary depending on machine type. Wash Program / Fabric Program cycle options Display 1 Hot Wash Bed linens and terry cloth Pre-wash 104°F selectable 194 °F laundry made of cotton, Main wash 194°F linen or mixed fabrics 2 x Rinse last rinse warm* Final spin...
  • Page 21 Program Guide Standard Programs 10 Delicates Synthetics, silk, rayon Pre-wash selectable Main wash 86°F Wash rhythm "delicate" 2 x Rinse Final spin 1 Min. 11 Woolens Machine washable woolens, Main wash limited to 104°F 86 °F sturdy woolens and mixed Wash rhythm "gentle"...
  • Page 22: Washing Using The Program Card

    Washing using the program card Program cards are programmed to a If the card was inserted the wrong way, the machine type. Empty cards can be used display shows: with any machine. Card error ^ Press l "On" to turn the washer on. §...
  • Page 23: Extra Features

    Extra features Language selection The language can be selected with the F flag symbol. The language is set back to its original setting 5 minutes after the program ends or when the door is opened. Hot Wash 194 °F Cottons 140 °F Cottons Intensive 140°F...
  • Page 24: Optional Modules

    Optional modules Liquid dispensing system Deselect the dispensing (Dispensing systems vary) Hot Wash 194 °F Cottons 140 °F Cottons Intensive 140 °F ä The liquid dispensing can be manually deselected before a program start. The dispensing pump is turned off. The display shows: Hot Wash 22.0/22.0 lb t...
  • Page 25 Optional modules Priming the dispensing pumps Dispensing calibration Main menu Use the calibration to get liquid detergent to Dispensing pump 1 the pumphead. Once calibration is complete Dispensing pump 2 run an empty program to get detergent to the machine before actually washing a load of laundry in the machine.
  • Page 26: Peak Load Cutoff

    It is possible to print out whole programs or parts of programs. laundry is displayed. This requires a special Editor Program which Hot Wash is available from the Miele Professional Program end Residual moisture 60 % Department. Door can be opened..
  • Page 27: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and Care After each use Cleaning the drip channel and siphon Never use high pressure cleaners to hose down the machine. The machine should be cleaned immediately after use. ^ After use do not shut the drum door, allow the interior to air dry.
  • Page 28 Cleaning and Care Vent grille Water inlet filters ^ Regularly check and clean the wash water vent grille at the rear of the machine. Rust The drum and the wash water drum are made of stainless steel. Water with a high iron content or items like paper clips or iron buttons which are in the laundry, can lead to rust in the drums.
  • Page 29 (before the downtime). DRUM BEARING LUBRICATION! ^ Lubricate the drum bearings according to § Call the Miele Service Department. the warning message and turn the drum by hand a few times. ^ Repeat every month to prevent bearing damage.
  • Page 30: Frequently Asked Questions

    Oversudsing detergent ^ Use a low sudsing detergent or contact Miele’s detergent application specialists. Very soft water The door handle has lost its function. The ^ In areas with soft water, use less door cannot be opened or closed.
  • Page 31: Power Failure - Emergency Door Release

    Frequently asked questions Power failure - Emergency door Draining the wash water release ^ Place a container under the manual drain at the rear of the machine. During a short power failure The program remains in the last position. ^ Open the drain by loosening the venting When power is restored the following screw.
  • Page 32: Fault Messages

    Repairs to electrical or steam the display shows the following message appliances should only be carried out by after turning the machine on. a Miele authorized technician in Service interval 1 accordance with local and national safety § regulations. Unauthorized repairs could Call the Miele Service Department.
  • Page 33 Frequently asked questions Water intake fault Drain error Call the Miele Service Department. Call the Miele Service Department if restart is without success. if restart is without success. ^ Check the water supply and press h ^ Check and clean the drain system and press h "Start".
  • Page 34: After Sales Service

    Above the drum opening, or on the back panel of the machine. When calling Miele Technical Service report the error in the display. Only use original Miele spare parts when performing maintenance or repairs on this machine.
  • Page 35: Guide To The Data Plate Symbols

    9 Spin speed 10 Drum volume/Laundry dry weight 11 Kinetic Energy Noise level 12 Ex. time to top speed Wash cycle Spin cycle 13 Breaking time PW 6101 60 dB 73 dB 14 Heating PW 6131 61 dB 72 dB PW 6161...
  • Page 37: Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions...
  • Page 38: Help To Protect The Environment

    Help to protect the environment Disposal of the packing materials Disposal of an old appliance The packing materials protect the appliance Old appliances may contain materials that during shipping. They have been designed can be recycled. Please contact your local to be biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Page 39: Installation Instructions

    Installation site The washer must only be installed by a A concrete or reinforced floor is the most Miele authorized service technician. suitable surface for the washer. These types of floors are less prone to vibration during Before installation or service disconnect the spin cycle.
  • Page 40: Removing The Shipping Struts

    Installation Instructions Removing the shipping struts ^ Take off the front and back panel of the machine by removing the screws at the Four red-marked shipping struts, two at the bottom edge of the front service panel and front and two at the rear, are each fixed with the screws in the rear panel and remove.
  • Page 41: Plumbing

    The inlet pressure hoses supplied with the machine must be used for connection to the water supply. The hoses should only be replaced with genuine Miele spare parts which fulfill the pressure requirements. The hot water intake must not exceed a temperature of 158°F (70°C).
  • Page 42: Electrical Connection

    The dispensing pumps can be operated 3 phase, 208 V, 60 Hz without the multifunction module. They can be converted to 3 phase, 240 V, 60 Hz by a Miele Service Technician. Electrically heated washers are factory set to 3 phase, 230 V, 50/60 Hz...
  • Page 43: Quick Guide

    Quick Guide 1. Sort the laundry Only use this machine for items that are machine washable, see item fabric care label. ^ Empty all pockets. 2. Turn the machine on and load the laundry ^ Press the I "On" button to turn the machine on. ^ Open the drum door and load the laundry.
  • Page 44 All rights reserved / 2106 06 578 520 / 03...