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Port-based Traffic Control; Configuring Port-based Traffic Control - HP 438031-B21 - 1:10Gb Ethernet BL-c Switch Application Manual

Hp 1:10gb ethernet bl-c switch for c-class bladesystem application guide.
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The 802.1x standard has optional provisions for supporting dynamic virtual LAN assignment via
RADIUS tunneling attributes, for example, Tunnel-Type (=VLAN), Tunnel-Medium-Type (=802), and
Tunnel-Private-Group-ID (=VLAN id). These attributes are not supported and might affect 802.1x
operations. Other unsupported attributes include Service-Type, Session-Timeout, and Termination-
RADIUS accounting service for 802.1x-authenticated devices or users is not supported.
Configuration changes performed using SNMP and the standard 802.1x MIB take effect immediately.

Port-based traffic control

Port-based traffic control prevents HP 1:10GbE switch ports from being disrupted by LAN storms. A LAN
storm occurs when data packets flood the LAN, which can cause the network to become congested and
slow down. Errors in the protocol-stack implementation or in the network configuration can cause a LAN
You can enable port-based traffic control separately for each of the following traffic types:
Broadcast—packets with destination MAC address ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
Multicast—packets that have MAC addresses with the least significant bit of their first octet set to one
Destination Lookup Failed (DLF)—packets with unknown destination MAC address, that are treated
like broadcast packets
With Port-based Traffic Control enabled, the port monitors incoming traffic of each type noted above. If
the traffic exceeds a configured threshold, the port blocks traffic that exceeds the threshold until the traffic
flow falls back within the threshold.
The HP 1:10GbE switch supports separate traffic-control thresholds for broadcast, multicast, and DLF
traffic. The traffic threshold is measured in number of frames per second.
All ports that belong to a trunk must have the same traffic-control settings.

Configuring port-based traffic control

To configure a port for traffic control, perform the following steps:
Configure the traffic-control threshold and enable traffic control.
Main# /cfg/port 2
>> Port 2# brate 150000
>> Port 2# mrate 150000
>> Port 2# drate 150000
To disable a traffic-control threshold, use the following command:
>> Port 2# mrate dis
Apply and save the configuration.
>> Port 2# apply
>> Port 2# save
Port-based Network Access and traffic control
(Set broadcast threshold)
(Set multicast threshold)
(Set DLF threshold)
(Disable multicast threshold)
(Apply the port configurations)
(Save the port configurations)


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