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Accessing The Switch; Introduction - HP 438031-B21 - 1:10Gb Ethernet BL-c Switch Application Manual

Hp 1:10gb ethernet bl-c switch for c-class bladesystem application guide.
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Accessing the switch


This guide will help you plan, implement, and administer the switch software for the HP 1:10Gb Ethernet
BL-c Switch. Where possible, each section provides feature overviews, usage examples, and configuration
"Accessing the switch" describes how to configure and view information and statistics on the switch
over an IP network. This chapter also discusses different methods to manage the switch for remote
administrators, such as setting specific IP addresses and using Remote Authentication Dial-in User
Service (RADIUS) authentication, Secure Shell (SSH), and Secure Copy (SCP) for secure access to the
"Ports and port trunking" describes how to group multiple physical ports together to aggregate the
bandwidth between large-scale network devices.
"Port-based Network Access and Traffic Control" describes how to authenticate devices attached to
a LAN port that has point-to-point connection characteristics. Port-based Network Access Control
provides security to ports of the HP 1:10GbE switch that connect to servers. Port-based Traffic
Control allows the switch to guard against broadcast storms.
"VLANs" describes how to configure Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) for creating separate
network segments, including how to use VLAN tagging for devices that use multiple VLANs.
"Spanning Tree Protocol" discusses how spanning trees configure the network so that the switch uses
the most efficient path when multiple paths exist.
"Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol/Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol" describes extensions to the
Spanning Tree Protocol that provide rapid convergence of spanning trees for fast reconfiguration of
the network.
"Quality of Service" discusses Quality of Service features, including IP filtering using Access Control
Lists, Differentiated Services, and IEEE 802.1p priority values.
"Basic IP Routing" describes how to configure the HP 1:10GbE switch for IP routing using IP subnets,
and DHCP Relay.
"Routing Information Protocol" describes how the HP 1:10GbE switch software implements standard
Routing Information Protocol (RIP) for exchanging TCP/IP route information with other routers.
"IGMP Snooping" describes how to use IGMP to conserve bandwidth in a multicast-switching
"OSPF" describes OSPF concepts, how OSPF is implemented, and examples of how to configure
your switch for OSPF support.
"Remote Monitoring" describes how to configure the RMON agent on the switch, so the switch can
exchange network monitoring data.
"High Availability" describes how the HP 1:10GbE switch supports high-availability network
topologies. This release provides Uplink Failure Detection and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
"Troubleshooting tools" describes Port Mirroring and other troubleshooting techniques.
Accessing the switch


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