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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - HP 438031-B21 - 1:10Gb Ethernet BL-c Switch Application Manual

Hp 1:10gb ethernet bl-c switch for c-class bladesystem application guide.
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The VLANs shown in the table above are configured as follows:
>> # /cfg/l2/vlan 1(Select VLAN 1)
>> VLAN 1# add port 20
>> VLAN 1# add port 21
>> VLAN 1# ena
>> VLAN 1# ../VLAN 2
>> VLAN 2# add port 22
>> VLAN 2# add port 23
>> VLAN 2# ena
>> VLAN 2# ../VLAN 3
>> VLAN 3# add port 1
>> VLAN 3# add port 2
>> VLAN 3# ena
Each time you add a port to a VLAN, you may get the following prompt:
Port 4 is an untagged port and its current PVID is 1.
Confirm changing PVID from 1 to 2 [y/n]?
Enter y to set the default Port VLAN ID (PVID) for the port.
Add each IP interface to the appropriate VLAN.
Now that the ports are separated into three VLANs, the IP interface for each subnet must be placed
in the appropriate VLAN. The settings are made as follows:
>> VLAN 3# /cfg/l3/if 1
>> IP Interface 1# vlan 2
>> IP Interface 1# ../if 2
>> IP Interface 2# vlan 1
>> IP Interface 2# ../if 3
>> IP Interface 3# vlan 1
>> IP Interface 3# ../if 4
>> IP Interface 4# vlan 3
Apply and verify the configuration.
>> IP Interface 4# apply
>> IP Interface 4# /info/l2/vlan
>> Information# port
Examine the resulting information. If any settings are incorrect, make the appropriate changes.
Save your new configuration changes.
>> Information# save

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a transport protocol that provides a framework for
automatically assigning IP addresses and configuration information to other IP hosts or clients in a large
TCP/IP network. Without DHCP, the IP address must be entered manually for each network device. DHCP
allows a network administrator to distribute IP addresses from a central point and automatically send a
new IP address when a device is connected to a different place in the network.
DHCP is an extension of another network IP management protocol, Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP), with an
additional capability of being able to dynamically allocate reusable network addresses and configuration
parameters for client operation.
(Add port for 1st floor to VLAN 1)
(Add port for 2nd floor to VLAN 1)
(Enable VLAN 1)
(Select VLAN 2)
(Add port for default router 1)
(Add port for default router 2)
(Enable VLAN 2)
(Add port for default router 3)
(Select VLAN 3)
(Select port for common server 1)
(Enable VLAN 3)
(Select IP interface 1 for def. routers)
(Set to VLAN 2)
(Select IP interface 2 for first floor)
(Set to VLAN 1)
(Select IP interface 3 for second floor)
(Set to VLAN 1)
(Select IP interface 4 for servers)
(Set to VLAN 3)
(Make your changes active)
(View current VLAN information)
(View current port information)
(Save for restore after reboot)
Basic IP routing


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