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Using Simple Network Management Protocol; Snmp V1.0; Snmp V3.0; Default Configuration - HP 438031-B21 - 1:10Gb Ethernet BL-c Switch Application Manual

Hp 1:10gb ethernet bl-c switch for c-class bladesystem application guide.
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Using Simple Network Management Protocol

The switch software provides SNMP v1.0 and SNMP v3.0 support for access through any network
management software, such as HP-OpenView.

SNMP v1.0

To access the SNMP agent on the switch, the read and write community strings on the SNMP manager
should be configured to match those on the switch. The default read community string on the switch is
public and the default write community string is private.
The read and write community strings on the switch can be changed using the following commands on the
>> /cfg/sys/ssnmp/rcomm
>> /cfg/sys/ssnmp/wcomm
The SNMP manager should be able to reach the management interface or any one of the IP interfaces on
the switch.
For the SNMP manager to receive the traps sent out by the SNMP agent on the switch, the trap host on
the switch should be configured with the following command:
For more details, see "Configuring SNMP trap hosts".

SNMP v3.0

SNMPv3 is an enhanced version of the Simple Network Management Protocol, approved by the Internet
Engineering Steering Group in March, 2002. SNMP v3.0 contains additional security and authentication
features that provide data origin authentication, data integrity checks, timeliness indicators, and
encryption to protect against threats such as masquerade, modification of information, message stream
modification, and disclosure.
SNMP v3 ensures that the client can use SNMP v3 to query the MIBs, mainly for security.
To access the SNMP v3.0 menu, enter the following command in the CLI:
>> #
For more information on SNMP MIBs and the commands used to configure SNMP on the switch, see the
HP 1:10Gb Ethernet BL-c Switch Command Reference.

Default configuration

The switch software has two users by default. Both the users adminmd5 and adminsha have access to
all the MIBs supported by the switch.
username 1—adminmd5/password adminmd5. Authentication used is MD5.
username 2—adminsha/password adminsha. Authentication used is SHA.
username 3—v1v2only/password none.
To configure an SNMP user name, enter the following command from the CLI:
>> #
/cfg/sys/ssnmp/snmpv3/usm 6
Accessing the switch


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