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Installing The Microprocessor - Lenovo 102912U Installation And User Manual

Td230 user guide.
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Installing the microprocessor

Do not open your server or attempt any repair before reading and understanding the Safety Information and the
Warranty and Support Information on the ThinkServer Documentation DVD that came with your product, and
"Guidelines" on page 21. To obtain a copy of the publications, go to:
This section provides instructions on how to install the microprocessor.
The heat sink and microprocessor might be very hot. Turn off the server and wait three to
five minutes to let the server cool before removing the server cover.
For optimal performance, follow these microprocessor installation rules:
1. When two microprocessors are installed, both must have the same core voltage and core speed.
2. When only one microprocessor is installed, it must be in the microprocessor 1 socket. The other
socket must be empty.
3. Always install the microprocessor first into the microprocessor 1 socket, and then install another
microprocessor into the microprocessor 2 socket if you want to install two microprocessors.
To install the microprocessor, do the following:
1. Remove all media from the drives and turn off all attached devices and the server. Then, disconnect all
power cords from electrical outlets and disconnect all cables that are connected to the server.
2. Remove the server cover. See "Removing the server cover" on page 23.
3. Lay the server on its side for easier operation.
4. Remove the heat sink and fan assembly if necessary. See "Removing the heat sink and fan assembly"
on page 71.
5. Press down and gently push the small handle a little bit outward on the microprocessor socket to lift the
handle to the open position.
Figure 68. Lifting the handle
Chapter 5
Installing, removing, or replacing hardware


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