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Lenovo 102912U Installation And User Manual Page 63

Td230 user guide.
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3. Locate a non-hot-swap hard disk drive bay that you want to install the drive. Then, pull the handle of the
hard disk drive bracket to slide the bracket out of the drive bay.
Figure 40. Sliding the non-hot-swap hard disk drive bracket out
4. Remove the plastic drive bay filler and save it for future use.
Note: The EMI integrity and cooling of the server are protected by having all drive bays and PCI card
slots covered or occupied. When you install a drive or PCI card, save the EMC shield or drive bay filler
from the drive bay or save the PCI card slot cover in the event that you later remove the device. An
unoccupied drive bay or PCI card slot without cover, shield, filler, or any other protection might impact
the EMI integrity and cooling of the server, which might result in overheating or component damage.
5. Touch the static-protective package that contains the new hard disk drive to any unpainted metal
surface on the server. Then, remove the hard disk drive from the package.
6. Depending on you will secure the hard disk drive in the bracket by screws or plastic retainers, do
one of the following:
Note: Carefully install the hard disk drive without touching the circuit board on the bottom of the
hard disk drive.
Chapter 5
Installing, removing, or replacing hardware


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