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Lenovo 102912U Installation And User Manual Page 110

Td230 user guide.
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Table 13. Submenus under the Processor Configuration
Enhanced Intel SpeedStep™ Tech
Intel Hyper-Threading Tech
Core Multi-Processing
Execute Disable Bit
Intel® Virtualization Technology
Intel VT for Directed I/O
Hardware Prefetcher
Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch
Direct Cache Access (DCA)
1. The settings in [ ] are the default settings in the Setup Utility program.
2. The above options might vary depending on the type of the installed microprocessor.
Table 14. Submenus under the Memory Configuration
Total Memory
Effective Memory
Current Configuration
Current Memory Speed
Memory RAS and Performance Configuration
ThinkServer TD230 Installation and User Guide
Disabled / [Enabled]
Disabled / [Enabled]
Disabled / [Enabled]
Disabled / [Enabled]
[Disabled] / Enabled
[Disabled] / Enabled
Disabled / [Enabled]
Disabled / [Enabled]
Disabled / [Enabled]
Enable or disable the SpeedStep
Enable or disable the hyper-thread
technology. (Whether your server
supports this feature or not is
depending on the type of the installed
Enable or disable the multi-core
processing function.
Enabling the Execute-Disable Bit
Capability can prevent the executive
code of some malicious software
from using the data page.
Enable or disable the Intel
Virtualization Tech. This technology
can provide additional capacity for
hardware computing. If you set this
feature to Enabled, you have to turn
off the server and disconnect the
power cord from electrical outlet, and
then reconnect the power cord and
turn on the server to make this feature
take effect.
Enable or disable the Intel
Virtualization Tech for I/O devices.
Enable or disable the prefetch
function of the microprocessor.
This setting might impact system
Enable or disable the adjacent cache
line prefetch. This setting might
impact system performance.
Enable or disable the direct
distribution of I/O data to the cache
of microprocessor to improve the I/O
View the total memory capacity.
View the effective memory capacity.
Current configuration is the most effective mode.
View the memory speed information.
Enter the submenu to see all the options. See Table 15
"Submenus under the Memory RAS and Performance
Configuration" on page 99.


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