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Appliqué Sewing; Sewing Appliqué Patterns - Brother PR-600 Manual

Brother pr-600 sewing machines: users manual.
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Appendix ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————
Appliqué Sewing
This section describes the procedure for sewing appliqués.
Sewing appliqué patterns
Some of the built-in embroidery patterns can be used
for sewing appliqués. Follow the procedures
described below to sew appliqués using the patterns
with "Appliqué Material", "Appliqué Position" or
"Appliqué" in the region display at the top of the
thread color sequence display.
*Depending on the thread color display setting, the
display may appear as
■ Procedure for sewing appliqués
Place stabilizer on the back of the appliqué
Frame the fabric for the appliqué (from step
) in the embroidery frame, and then sew an
"Appliqué Material" pattern. The line that
indicates where the appliqué will be cut out is
sewn, and then the machine stops.
Remove the appliqué fabric from the
embroidery frame, and then carefully cut
along the sewn cutline.
• If the appliqué is cut out along the inside of
the sewn cutline, the appliqué may not be
correctly attached to the fabric. Therefore,
carefully cut out the appliqué along the
sewn cutline. If this step is not performed
carefully, the appliqué will not be cleanly
finished. In addition, carefully remove any
excess threads.
Frame the base fabric in the embroidery
frame, and then sew an "Appliqué Position"
pattern. The appliqué position is sewn, and
then the machine stops.



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