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Fonts; Micr Tools - Xerox DocuPrint 100 User Manual

System overview guide
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Standard fonts
Standard fonts
Licensed fonts
Licensed fonts
Custom fonts
Receiving fonts

MICR tools

System Overview Guide
Data can be printed on DocuPrint printers in many sizes and
type styles called fonts. A font is a character set which has
unique characteristics, such as type style, size, weight,
orientation (portrait, landscape, inverse portrait, and inverse
landscape), character spacing (fixed and proportional), line
spacing, and postures (Roman, italic, and so forth).
There are three classifications of fonts:
Standard fonts
Licensed fonts
Custom fonts.
Provided with your printer's operating system software is a
library of over 250 standard 300 dpi fonts, referred to as the A03
font family.
A library of 51 fonts is provided with your printer's operating
system software.
In addition to the library of standard fonts delivered with your
printer, over 100 licensed fonts may be ordered from the Xerox
Font Center.
Additional fonts may be ordered from your local Xerox Font
Custom fonts and graphic images such as company logos and
signatures can be digitized by the Xerox Font Center for use on
your printer.
Fonts are received on a diskette from your local Xerox Font
You can use the following tools to determine whether the MICR
output is printing within MICR specifications:
MICR Positioning and Dimension Gauge.
8 Power (X) Comparator with MICR grid.


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